New Team Recruitments

Team Name: (Will be decided in group chat)


  • Level 60+
  • Active or higher activity level
  • Don’t miss war or you may be kicked
  • Participate in events
  • Get as many medals as possible so we can declare war

(Unless it’s funny! :eyes::popcorn:)

Language: All is accepted, but must also be able to speak English. Or just rock Google Translator!

Dragon Roster Includes: At least 1 season dragon, must have green tier dragons or higher.

Personality: You have to be ready to kick butt, BUT we outta have fun while we do it! We need people who can cheer us up, and make us laugh! I don’t care if you are level 500, as long as you have a sense of humour! BUT that doesn’t mean we aren’t brutal! If an enemy attacks one of us, they have to deal with us all! We give them double the attacks they give us! Of course, we still need to be serious, but be careful in LC because there are some lines even we don’t cross! Protect each other, respect each other, but annhilate the rest!:fire::dragon_face::fire:

Team Goals: We are hoping to reach Platinum league (or higher if we are lucky!), get Atlas, gain allies and achieve 50 members quickly.

If you are sick of being kicked for, your level, being so busy that you miss out on a war, losing an attack in war, or simply because your team doesn’t like you. This team is the team you have been looking for!

If you are interested in joining the team reply β€œNyan Dragon” and I will invite you to a group chat, and if all goes well, the team will start next season!:two_hearts:

(If you don’t have one of the requirements and wish to join, or if you have a question message me :memo: or ask in group chat, have a great day burning stuff! :facepunch:)

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