New team starting, if looking fr fresh stat and a team with connections..join us

team started fresh looking for recruits 15+, with ambition, FairPlay and most importantly fun… we all have a voice in InnerMagicae
We are the bay team to our big alliance. We will go as far as we can get. Are you the one we’re looking for? Just aply. English speaking and any time zone… let’s burn stuff down and go up… once we’re up we have the big alliance and we are and always will be a stronghold. This team is one of many in game … apply, you won’t regret being art of something big.

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Only 2 of u lol


Why do people keep making new teams without atlas or members when they could just join an established team and get more out of the game? :thinking:


Because it is fun to build a team? This game is ultimately about building/growing.

It is a mistake to keep Atlas restricted to existing teams - it will hurt WD in the long run, if it hasn’t already.


Because it’s hard enough to recruit as it is, and this is exactly why. People make teams that they struggle to fill, they never really accomplish anything and wouldn’t be able to compete in atlas anyway, and then new members unwittingly join their team and are given bad or no advice at all and lose interest in the game because they don’t know how to get the most out of it.

But yeah, it’s a free country/game, make your own team. Just some sordid honesty that it won’t get you anywhere in the current state of the game.


Recruiting for a non competitive team by the look of it.
Mid lvl 200 with garnet dragons … going to be hard to go past plat 1 league.
At least they don’t quit the game.

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Criticising without knowing much about who you’re talking to is very nice and since it’s just a screen you guys look at…
it starts to get boring at the top of this food chain so I keep regular account on my team and decide to create a new team with one of my alts… and go through the whole going up and down of the game… that’s what I miss, the drive to get up there… but once you’re there for quite a while it does get boring… but you wouldn’t know the feeling would you?! Maybe you would, I don’t know… and the whole atlas bs you’re mentioning, well… we do have control of pretty much all major 5 stars territories… alliance wise, covered as well… I believe WD shouldn’t stop at diamond league… just like introducing the imperial tear… if stays all the same without changes to the achievements, trust me, it gets BORING. So wanna join or still need to get up here?

Don’t get me wrong but if I were to start the game and happen to take a look here I wouldn’t feel like joining with you not even putting in some time to check the spelling.


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My favourite part is “be part of a legacy that will last in peoples lips”. :joy: Very poetic, of course.

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Although I share your preference for pristine prose, unfortunately editing the team description is a royal pain - if you make a mistake early, to correct it, you have to delete all the text back to the point of the error.

You could also give some consideration the international nature of the game and recognize that for many, English is not a first language.

THAT was my favorite part. Oh, hey, that was you and not the OP you choose to ridicule.

:joy: I think that was the point of me calling it honesty. (Sordid, at that).

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