New Team Startup

I’m starting a new team, soon. Currently I’m grounded and can’t play, but as soon as I get back on, I’ll always be very active on the game. I may be a low lvl, but before the summer season is out, I’ll be lvl 100+. Also, I can run a team with an iron fist. Instead of Autoboot, I will frequently check the team, and if any player isn’t satisfactory, I let them have 5 minutes to explain themselves, or I boot them. If any1 is interested I will keep this thread open if any1 wants to join so I can tell you when the team is created.

Just an fyi I don’t think you can turn auto kick off.


Lol grounded not something u should tell people if you want to gain a team lol bad thing to do cuz if u get into a war they will be missing one person lol the leader


There’s enough useless teams out there already just join one that needs players instead :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Agreed lol but people want to be leaders :joy: which is so stressful


Hey NightFury,

Starting a team as anyone can tell you is VERY HARD however, planning helps a lot. Personally, I recommend talking to players with the same interests, timezone, and levels as you so you can have an idea of who your potential teammembers could be. Figure out who your potential officers will be and what kind of leader YOU will be. Once all the social/political aspect is done consider your goals such as: What league will you want to be in, how can you communicate with your team members and etc.

If you have yet to have experience as an officer I recommend it; get some more experience and then consider the future.


BY the time the team is started, I’ll always be on. HOW DO YOU EVEN START A WAR IF UR NOT ON? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

Yes, you can. I did it once, and decided to do it myself instead of leave it up to a computer

Like the one You’re on?
LightForc3, Thanks

You cannot and have never been able to turn auto-kick off.


Ive done it

Game might have changed, when did u last check?

Bless your precious puddin heart and good luck, buddy. Try not to burn too many bridges as you go. :joy:


It has been this way since I became a leader in April 2015.


I checked 3 months ago when I made a team. no one joined because I sucked back then cause that was my fifth day playing. ever.

I am 100% certain you cannot change it. It says “enabled” but when you edit a team, you cannot turn it off.

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SO you started a team after 5 days playing and now want to again after 3 months playing… mate join a team in plat or something or another team that is 40 of 50 players and help them grow. Learn the ropes from other experienced players first. Ask to join their officers when you prove yourself.
If youve been grounded you’re obviously a kid still, that’s not a criticism by the way… just don’t think you know everything about the game yet! Start a team later when you have the experience


Where has your experience been thus far? What league?

In a timeout…


And if u get grounded again? Lmao also um someone can declare on you while being grounded


U can be declared upon lol it’s not impossible

3/4 of a year