New Team! Trying to go far!

Language: English
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: 1.5 years
Age Range: 36
Elite Account?: Yes for the next year
Dragon Roster Includes: can’t name them all
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ferga
Level 341

About: really active and need a growing team

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Also, those 3 aren’t lineage.

Feel free to check out NewbieNoobs if you’re 100+ :blush: we’re a platinum 2 atlas team. We’d love to see new active faces!

Hi, I’m with FuriousRebels, a plat 1 team that’s looking for active players like you, feel free to message me in game, I’m xUIxGOKUx and I can answer any questions you have and if you like what you hear then feel free to apply and we can get you in before season starts. :blush:

We have a vacancy for friendly players who are active daily. Here is our recruiting thread

Pm me any questions :grin:


Hi Skitaemen. I’m an officer in 1Steelerfan and we have a couple of openings. We are looking for dependable, active players who do their required wars and events. We are chatty, helpful and lots of fun. Please check us out.


Lvl 341 with Ferga as highest lineage?


Send me a Message on game @ dragonblood

We are in SAPH II.
Top 50 in Atlas
over 700+ tokens daily rewards from atalas
over 500+ tokens daily reward from WD
Placed top 3 in last 30 of 43 events.

Strong dragons, active players, and still growing. We are VendexEmpire

Hi! The Remnants would absolutely love to have you! We’re a Platinum 4 team and climbing. We’re big on communication and participation. We care about our teammates and work together to learn and grow. We have Atlas as well! We understand that real life comes first and only ask to be informed if you’re unable to make your war hits. Our team is adults only and drama free. I would love to hear back from you!

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