New teams in atlas

New teams coming to atlas are losing intrest of the game & this is due to to the bad planing of the administration . Its not logical to throw a new teams spreading it members across the atlas map & expect a team to stick together for more then 10 days everyone is loosing intrest & eventualy will leave , now even the old game is not played anymore many members r leaving thier team in order to become a slave or under the mercy of 5-10 old well established mega teams who r saling a land or a castle under conditions ( farming or given up gd ) its indead a slavery & discrimination its not a fun game anymore! I myself saw many teams loosing members because of this move. And sadly if this will continue the game won’t have 4th anniversarie coz now More players r loosing intrest .
I think its not fare to throw a new teams in atlas map under the mercy of 5-10 mega teams to control the game where is the fun in doing this ??? I think each new team should be assigned to a land & a castle that way at least members stay together & solid coz now the administration r broking most of the teams until no more healthy compitition will be arround .
That been said i like this game & i hate to see it deterioratings that why i think as many like me something need to be fixed like yesterday to stop the bleading fast . Coz there is no more competitive spirt anymore just waiting to see if its gonna be any changers …
each day i see more players leaving i hope the administration do something before its too late .

Or, Die.


Well that sounds a little… extreme. :rofl: :t_rex:


Um… free castles and land is a big no, no one currently in atlas got any free land, and neither should you… consider renting land when you’re better established, atlas is open for everyone, and no one should get for free what they can’t be expected to hold


War Dragons slavery :rofl:

I was trying to offset the incoherent rambling with a concise and properly punctuated reply.


You read that wall of text? All I saw was “whine whine whine” and my eyes glazed over




I’m not proud of it :joy: but I took a second look because I felt like it was one of those posts

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:thinking: so How many of the teams included from the last addition (through lottery) have positive/negative feedback?

I have not had it long enough to really form an opinion yet. Feels like playing two games at once. Give me a month or so and I will have formed an opinion.

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I made a tl;dr feedback in the original thread. It’s not bad if you just accept that you’re a minnow in a shark tank.

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Can i have your team then? :rofl::smiling_imp:


You know people will bitch and moan @Jonesy but never be willing to actually give up the Atlas goodies. Even the lot in the “told you Atlas isn’t ready” camp aren’t willing to put their money where their mouths are and give up their access. Busted, broken Atlas is still better than not having it, that’s how lopsided this game is right now. Sorry state of affairs if you ask me.


:raising_hand_man: Yep… Guilty

Any teams not wanting Atlas let me know. Mines dying to have it.

If Atlas is frozen as it is now (meaning no land will change hands, no items will be lost, etc) I’d gladly give up Atlas so they can fix it properly. It’s a shit show and I want it to work so everyone can actually use it.


Typically i’d disagree, however with the new release of rider gear and perch changes this has 100% made the game lopsided.

I can’t wait until all teams platinum and up can have access and then gold and lower can be purely casual leagues where people go to coast and platinum + require dedication and are rewarded as such.


Except for the people that were able to move when new land opened, they got a ton of “free” castles xd

Having atlas even without land, is better than not having it at all. Is true, is stupid that many teams have gotten huge time advantages, however nothing can be done to change that now. With atlas you now have a choice to make some progress towards gear and atlas events. There is no need to compete with other teams just yet, build troops and take advantage of the extra rewards atlas offers until your team is ready to compete for land.