New teams vs Already establish teams


have no choice but to buy land from diamond teams and pay them w/e they ask. [quote=“Napk1n, post:1, topic:33875”]

“have no choice but to buy land from diamond teams and pay them w/e they ask.”

Really??? How can this be??? Please elaborate a bit more.


Im not 100% sure how it works but have seen teams in league chat mention this. They pay other teams a certain amount of gold to get a castle within or close their territory.


This is a sign of a team not willing to sit in neutral and build up troops actively for a week or two. Be a team that is willing to build up troops (in my opinion) and make yourself a valuable team to an alliance by being very active, have a bunch of troops, and work hard.


I think this teams have prolly lost their castle quite a few times and tired of it. Also some teams are simply not as active after all this is a minigame.

Either way i agree, if a team is willing to pay for land, that means they have just given up. At the same time i wouldnt want to see this become a common thing, specially when it expands into plat where overall team activity drops much lower.


I know teams that within a week of having Atlas did this, because they had made enough enemies by being assholes in game that they knew this was their only chance (since hard work or politics wasn’t going to cut it). Can you tell that I don’t respect teams that do this? hahaha.

From what I hear, people who “rent” land are paying quite a lot of gold that it wouldn’t be maintainable for much land. It’s basically an alliance for people who suck (as people) too much to be actually accepted into an alliance.


Hm doing this within a week sounds like an extreme case. Btw a true asshole will ramble homeless before paying another asshole .

Edit: I just asked around, a team pays 20m gold every 2 weeks


You wouldnt have to think about this if atlas was released to all teams at the same time right? :man_shrugging:t3:.

After joining a team with atlas, i just realized i get extremely alot of timers just for participating in atlas events alone, and if in a good team,extra egg tokens are just so good. Makes more imbalanced for those who doesnt have it.


You really think that Platinum teams would want to be in Atlas right now with the lack of anti-griefing mechanics and the other issues? There would simply be more complaining. It’s not like the bonuses people get they get just for existing and we don’t rip through a bunch of our own resources to keep up.

GOOD TEAM. If a team can’t keep up, they will have a miserable time with the way mechanics work right now. There are already a bunch of team struggling and having a negative experience, which Dave is working on fixing ASAP.


Not true, you dont need to be in a strong team to get a good number of timers, in fact u can play solo play in a team without a castle and still manage to get 500 1 hour timers during a single event. Which btw is a very high amount for most players in plat.

Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG

My point was that a lot of people (to be good in Atlas) rip through timers there too for troops, infrastructure, etc. It’s not just a bunch of free things for doing nothing. I think some people (not you) have this idea that Atlas will somehow be a super easy, minimal time thing they can play and suddenly have a ton of free things.


Yes if all teams had started at the same time it would be more ideal, the whole atlas project shouldve been texted in a sandbox but thats the past.


Thats true many ppl spend more than what they get in rewards. As a free player myself i barerly spend timers in atlas, but i managed to install this game on my laptop and i do runs while at work. I managed to pull in 1000 1hour timers last week with only spending about 50 hours on atlas speed ups. I think players in plat know is time consuming to play atlas, they just want the option to choose.

Atlas Feedback from non Atlas players aka Don’t look here PG

One point, 1h timers i got. With opened bronze chests , lucky or unlucky, the average i get is 1000 1h before fortification hits , now what, i got 1900 with 1 more event remainig before fortification again.

If other players has atlas, grinder or not, good player or not, with or without castle, if they participate in atlas events extra timers would still be a benefit right?

This alone creates alot of disadvantages for those who doesnt have it.

If they”pg” knew that there will be chaos mixing leagues /whales and small fishes in atlas, why did they release it.

Again, even with current politics or monopoly or whatever is going on in atlas, participation in events are ++ already for those who have it.

I jumped from platinum to an atlas team just because i heard they are getting 2 more months worth of timers compared to those who doesnt have atlas, and obviously its working out right with me.


This is so true tho.


My point exactly.


I don’t disagree with this part, but the morale issue is why I think they should hold Atlas back until Dave fixes the anti-griefing.


I personally am very invested in anti griefing. I hope all the little tweaks being considered and put in place will make atlas a much more welcoming place for newbies IF they are patient and learn. We don’t want atlas to be a walk in the park, but neither should it be a jungle.


You run WD on a laptop?
Can I ask how? I would love an extra platform to run my accounts on, since I have multiple accounts.


The alti-griefing and balance mechanics are coming soon.

It has been a HUGE process to get Atlas changed from the early verson to what you see now, and you can’t imagine the early version… SOOOOOO much lag, SO much more problem with inequality, so much harsher when you lost a city, so much harsher when ships dies (there were ships instead of troops back then)…

It would have been disaster if everyone had been added. Atlas would have died and ended the week it started.


Thats why it shouldve been tested a beta enviroment, not in a way that directly influences the core game.

I sent you a PM for installing WD on pc