New teams vs Already establish teams


Atlas is designed to be a money grab, ie for diamond players. It’s not designed to make the game better, it’s all about making money.

Get used to it.


Im very aware every aspect of this game is p2w. Just because a game is design to favor those willing to pay, doesn’t mean it has no room for improvement.

P.S. Ive been used to it from day 1


Our sapphire 2 team was griefed by a 434 with expert Neptus and harbingers. Why are we competing with this. And why is it ok for this diamond player to kill 140 level players in a small team for glory points? I’m having a hard enough time getting even participation at the lower level of sapphire, and this just kills what little morale we were getting traction on

As for paying rent, you gotta be kidding me. Can this get more crap?


And this is the exact reason that they aren’t rolling out Atlas to other people yet until they get these anti-grieving measures in place. :+1:


Would it be better if it was a 400 from Sapphire who did it?


Thanks, PandA :joy:
Of course you guys have no complaints. How much land do you hold? How much of this ‘rent’ are you benefiting from under the current game?

Why didn’t this hero go and hit you guys then? Surely a much more challenging and enjoyable experience would have been had? Or were they just being an asshat?

If the aim is to have Atlas be a good thing for diamond 1 & 2 and sapphire 1 teams who’ve had a longer run at it, then mission accomplished. Otherwise it’s just a boring chore that ‘has’ to be done for rider strength. It isn’t actually fun for smaller teams. Oh, and screw paying rent. Like that’s adding a fun element to the game.


Anti-griefing measures is a thing now in 4.10 and 4.15 update to come. Hopefully you’ll see less of these types of attacks unless someone wants your land. If so then too bad so sad.


Please bring them in soon :pray:t2: Anti grieve wont matter if you piss someone off very badly (:wink:)… or you know, a team, or a dozen of teams… i love atlas

@Luffy get to Sapphire 3 soon!!!


Haha contrary to popular belief I DO think they need to increase to incentive to hit upwards so hopefully that comes soon.

We don’t have that much land as far as overall number, I would say almost every team in the top 10 has more islands than we do. I am not much of an economist so not sure about the current numbers of peer to peer gold movement.

As far as why he did not hit us, perhaps this is why? I do not know his team but perhaps this is affecting him as well. Maybe ask the guy though?

I think there are some good ideas for balance that could work out but in general balance is hard…just because you are in a league does not inherently make a player better or worse. A lot of it comes down to the game flow (which can be altered) and player psychology (less likely to be altered).

To me, the simplest way to solve it is to make things at the top have the most reward/return and if people chose to go after it or not is up to them, but don’t make hitting the lowest common denominator the path of least resistance as it is now.


Ah man, never played Tribal Wars. But, I played a later clone called Realm of Empires. They have a similar attrition rate mechanic to protect low power players from being farmed. Realm of Empires has Ages where the realm is shrunk at a 3:1 ratio and the attrition rate gets lowered or removed so teams can remove the remaining turtles.


Oh I heard of that, Tribal at its prime was a crazy strategy game like no other of its type, it got me into coding and it also motivated me to pay attention in math class, the amount of calculations you had to do per day was insane.


Given the current aversion by a lot of the player base to strategy and thinking this sound like the kind of thing that would break the game haha.


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