New tier and Divine dragons

From the first time I played WD (almost one year)
I’ve seen that a new tier is released approx. every 2 seasons.
Since the power level is keep being increased and the evolution requirement is higher for each divine, while all divine is started at orange (or red),
Shouldn’t the level limit of each dragon be increased instead of keep scaling the power with the same level count, while the power level difference keep increasing?

As a WD newbie (compared to those pros), I’d say that unlocking 3rd spell at the beginning of lv 84 is already a crazy high requirement…


I think they do increase with each new tier, borg goes to 50 to in emerald while necryx goes to 55 in obsidian

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They need to do better scaling then…
E.g. Avyx v.s. Aibrean

I’m actually not sure what you mean by better scaling can you clarify a bit?

Just compare early level of Necryx, Avyx, and Aibrean…

Well I cant cause I don’t have them at your level anymore, at my level they are more or less about the same so id like to know what kind of difference you see at yours.

Max garnet for Borgian (and others), Necryx (and others) is level 45.
While Fomhar (and others) is at level 38.
But with almost power (I think).

Sorry. I’m looking from 3rd spell unlock as well

The higher the dragon tiers, the more food they require. A Harbinger divine already needs tons of food. Stretching the levels even further means you need even more food to get them to max.

Why not just have divines hatch at the respective tier you’re currently in?
Why does a player in Harb tier have to level orange dragons?


Wouldn’t that void the whole Evolution Stone thing if they hatched in your current tier, e.g Harbinger? :t_rex:


Not if you still need to collect the stones in order to be able to unlock them at that tier.
Also for lower levels it still makes sense to start in orange tier.

Your lineage dragons are usually in the latest tier, unless you backbreed something from a tier below.
I never got the logic behind playing orange tier dragons when you play in much higher tiers.

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Ah okay but what’s the point of getting an Orange evolution stone if your dragon hatches at Sapphire tier (just an example)? I’m not sure if I’m understanding you here :confused: :t_rex:

A simple example of this is moonfang vs Avyx. Both has the same power level. However, they have different level limit.
What I mean is if current Legendary has the same power level as previous mythic, both should have the same level limit.

@hellraptor I admit I don’t have the full solution, but I was thinking like this:
You obtain whatever evo stones you unlocked.
If you’re playing in Orange tier, you hatch the orange egg and as you unlock higher tiers, your dragon grows (old mechanic).
But if you’re playing in Harbinger tier, you hatch the dragon and it comes at the lowest Harbinger evo stage just like it was a lineage dragon.

Anyways, was just a thought :smile:

@OrcaFrost There were reasons why Moonfang had levels added on top of what it originally was, consider it an edge case.
But I get you. If they added more and more levels, we would have Harbinger divines maxing out at lvl80? That would require even more food unless they lowered the food per level.

Agreed. Wintertide divines get their third spell at level 77, while Springveil divines will get theirs at 84. I believe for the previous fall season, they got their third spell at level 70? Gaining a third spell is an insane power jump- since most people rely heavily on the divines in their roster, raising the bar every season for the unlock is making this game more and more unfriendly to newer players.


I think you maybe looking at overall AP to say about levelling requirements. Personally i had no issues with getting third spell at lev 84. Its just a struggle to hit players above your level.
I find that the actual damage done by dragons is ok for that level so even without third spell, they are still better than lineages.


Nightshade was one of the first of the season divines (Fall 2016) and unlocks his 3rd spell at player level 43 and his 4th spell (Resist) at player level 70.
That felt very fair for lower levels as it gets slower to level up at 60+.

Fomhar was one of the latest of the season divines (current season) and unlocks his 3rd spell and 4th spell (Resist) at player level 84.
That’s a huge stretch for new players having just 2 skills up to lvl84.

The game has no catch up mechanics and seems to alienate newcomers more and more.

This seems like an important thing for the future of the game so I’ll tag @PGCrisis for some feedback on this matter.
EDIT: KateRoss made a seperate thread about this topic.

Now now, this game does a good job alienating everyone equally…


Nightshade, Skarr and Ebon (lol) were among the worst balanced dragons at lower levels that I can recall. At 84 they could go immediately to almost full expert gold. So many complaints about this on old forums haha.


I don’t mind the level increasing for the newer dragons i can spend and get past that the problem i have is having to breed new tier dragons to use the stones on the new seasonal dragons i just can’t get enough tokens fast enough to utilize the new dragons which means nollaig will always outshine coatl as the current evo stone cost for the next few years atleast