New tier and stones for the Devines this season especially neptus

Hi guys as pg announced a new tier, I was wondering if people could share the info on them and if the seasonal Devine’s this time around will get the stones if not then I don’t get the point of getting any especially neptus. When people were finally catching up after the redicolous struggle with appophet and then icicle it is crazy for them to do this. If they do decide to releases them then they should atleast reduce cost of some of the dragons on lower tiers new players stand no chance at all in catching up, what are your thoughts?

Neptus will get the stone (as reported by @TheRedDelilah). As for the rest there are tons of post that I’m sure relate to what you’re saying, particularly:

I agree with you most deffinately and :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: job on the suggestion of backbreeding hope pg listens to us. If they do not give a new stone for neptus I will quit.

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As tempting as taking the credit for everything is, the post I sent you is by no means my own even in the tiniest of bits lol. All praise be to Red.

And it has been reported Neptus will get the stone (again by Red).

Don’t even think about PG not gona listen especially on breeding so many players quit game because of this shit I spend almost 5000$ and then quit game because pg not giving us good breeding options

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