New tier coming next season?

I was just looking at the new mythic dragons in the divine lineage when I noticed it said 0/13 instead of 0/12 so I checked what kind of egg they were and it said upcoming tier egg.

Yes same as every 2 season. Last season divine has mytic Eldritch Power, the new one is a legendary of new Tier labeld as mytic.

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Ahh ok I was wondering why some divines didn’t have all the tiers.

The legendarys are only eldritch dragons, but reach mytic power.

Will eldritch still be able to take max bases in future is what I’m worried about I guess

Sure is

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Future? Starts at level 106 towers and new Tier :innocent:

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Is the upcoming tier coming this breeding event?

I don’t think so

Oh, ok. It doesn’t matter to me anyway, by the time I get to that tier, there’ll probably already be 10 more tiers to unlock after it. :joy::joy:

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No, the CF would have mentioned it and there would have been a blog post about them. The Edritch mythics are still pretty new so I doubt we’ll see new dragons until the end of the season

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Probably during the last breeding event of the season so keep your eyes on it