New tier coming?

Ok so my question to everyone is this… with a new dragon tier coming soon(even though it has not been announced). Will pathox get next tier stone. If you remember during the neptus season the announced harbinger mid season and were forced to give everyone who finish him that stone. With that being said what about pathox?

first neptus had his legendary harb stone not mythic, corthanak got a mythic harb stone , then hutizil legendary vanguard , and this season mythics get mythic vanguard stone , according to this math in next season the mythics will probably get a legendary stone of the new tier whatever will be


New tier will most likely not be released this season. Vanguard was last season and there is always a wait. That means that no, Pathox will not be able to get a stone for the next tier

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No, the branch only goes up to Vanguard stone so no


pardon ??

Probably not. Neptus and huitzil got the next tier stone because the new tier was introduced in the middle of their respective seasons. Also, they only went up to legendary stats, not mythic stats

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neptus :legendary harb
corthanak : mythic harb
hutizil : legendary vanguard
pathox, aristrat : mythic vanguard

No, he only went to legendary vanguard, not mythic. Pathox is the first true mythic vanguard seasonal divine

corrected that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think new tier is every summer/winter…

Spring 2017 was Emerald, Obsidian was that summer, then Harbinger in winter and Vanguard in summer. Before that I’m not sure

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garnets fall 2016

I’m voting next day after winter release will be the start of the next tier legendaries… just a hunch

New mythic will have new tier stone

How about instead of adding a new tier, they just add some more vanguard dragons. Like earlier tiers used to have a lot more dragons.

Or they add a another rank above Mythic and call it Royal. With of course higher base stats than Mythic and maybe a 5th additional spell.

Yes we wish but we all know what’s gonna happen

New tier dragons

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