New to Atlas guide needed!

Trying to help friends who got thrust into Atlas in this last update and Atlas is just way too much to explain and help someone with. I have pointed to youtube, Line Atlas groups and forums. But an ever evolving Atlas guide would be sooooo much better! Like the walkthrough guide books do for video games. I feel bad for all my friends trying to avoid Atlas! Some are in the 300s levels and are having to move to Gold. :frowning:
Can you please do a guide? @PGCoffee , @PGJared , etc.

The WD Geeks are keeping our website growing week by week! Check out our Atlas Section here:

I will also be doing live streams all on Atlas this week with Question and Answers in my chat on my twitch channel to give people a sense of what Atlas feels like:


Only guide that had helped me out and its an amazing work by @Gox1201
This guide gets updated with all the atlas update too.


Here is the offical one written by PG.
But it’s not as n00b friendly as the ones above.

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I have the Dorothy one but getting bombarded with “helps”! I, myself, need to read up on all the changes before event ends! I should be saying “HELP”! I was just starting to feel very comfortable in Atlas finally, now more to learn. I don’t know how leaders keep up! TY Atops for your link too!

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Most leaders have a few Atlas nerds on their teams that do a bunch of research and helpful information-gram deployments while the leaders deal with politics and herding cats.

The guides from Gox and Red are great. It also helps to go to the support site and look at the nuts ‘n’ bolts basics. I’m glad that @Atops linked that in.


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