New to game...advice please

Just started a lil over 30 days ago and i am a spender and am very active however i have already heard about cheating and glitching thanks to this forum and got to experience it first hand today so my question is am i going to regret going hard on this game later on when i continue seeing cheaters prosper while i continue to pour $ into this game ?


@pgjared @Arelyna I’m gonna let you two handle this one.


yes, yes you will


Ok thanks i only spend 150 to 300 a month so not a mega whale but enough that i needed to know if i should stop now or continue on hoping it will be fixed and stopped.

:thinking: still more than most of my teammates

Are there certain issues that you can let us know you’ve been experiencing? We have also noticed the game doesn’t run as efficiently on Android, so if you are an Android user, this could be a possible cause.

If you do encounter errors with the game, please reach out to our support team, as well. Any documented issues will be escalated to the team so they can investigate. Also, welcome to the Forums!

Crisis, her question was regarding rampant cheating. Not device issues. Please answer the question.


Well, cheating is unfortunately a thing that we are all dealing with in the game. We have been creating internal tools to detect cheaters / hackers of all kinds, and we have plans to roll them out very soon. I have no intentions of providing a date since we don’t actively want those guilty of cheating to have any awareness of these actions. They will be dealt with accordingly.


May the pan be with you.


The hard part with this statement is it relies on trusting that they will, but if you know how it works you can see if its being stopped…it hasnt. Which is very unnerving.


How long have we been hearing about these “internal tools”? 3 years now?..

We have a better chance of Atlas being rolled out, glitch free, to all leagues than for PG to improve the cheating/hacking detection.

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Do the cheaters still spending money?

Being the OP is a new player I feel I must point out Android is not the issue. It’s the app coding in the Android version that is the issue.

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The most notable cheater who I won’t name, spent like a whale… but also cheated on the side :man_shrugging:

The game is fun in its own right, which is why many of us keep playing. Unfortunately the game has zero catch-up mechanisms for people like yourself starting so late so just be prepared that at $300 a month you wont progress too far and will never be a significant player. Furthermore the further you progress the slower the progression and it can get quite stale. just be aware going into it. Later on $300 will only get you like 1 level and 1/3 of a dragon.

Yes there is an abundant of cheating going on but for the most part, i doubt it will truly take away the fun of the game as long as you remember it is just a game. You will see the odd cheater, don’t let it get to you.

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If you are looking to be the most powerful player in the game, then the spending required would be astronomical, and you would likely end dissatisfied. However, if you are looking just to have a fun passtime that is not as brainless as so many other games out there, then you will fit right in. Spending isn’t everything. Be prepared to learn a lot, and always willing to experiment.

There is a very large demarcation between players who try to spend to win, and players try to be strategic with their resources. Spend thoughtfully.

There will always be cheaters. If people can hack into the computer systems of a world power, with the best security money can buy, then people can hack a video game, no matter how tight their anti-hacking software is. However, cheaters have little noticeable effect on the majority of players. Even with a major cheat, like the hacked dragon that destroyed bases with a single spell, CHEAT/HACK Kelvin's Flux Issue , it only affected the players in a single league.

Especially if you are not a top tier player, encountering a true cheater is extremely uncommon. So enjoy yourself, and don’t let any cheaters ruin your day.

Edit: I have an elite account, and I actually heartily recommend it.


Also, to streamline your progress, you’re gonna need these:

Particularly pages 7-9 IIRC

And generally the search bar here and
are great resources for your questions.

Also, just remembered about this post which is unfortunately locked.


It is possible to “have fun” without spending that much a month. I won’t try and dissuade you but think of the opportunity costs of that much a month. That’s a fair amount of fun in real life. A motorcycle or ATV payment would be my choice - I’m still looking for someone to adopt me as I am handy, (cook, clean, mechanic, programmer, electrical work, plumbing, light construction, etc…)

I spent / spend very little (bought an elite account every year for the past two or three years - don’t remember TBH) and bought some red envelopes back in February of this year.

I’ve gotten into the 200’s, have several Emerald dragons and “close” to breeding my first Obsidian. I do play more than average I think - so that might make a difference to you depending how active you plan on being.

As others have said, I will never be a top player unless I outlast them all and they quit.


I still have fun, but it’s more the people, even some of the crusty dogs on this forum and in the game. The game itself can feel like a chore, especially these PVP events.

Most important is to find a good team. I can recommend FlashingDragon as a nice bunch of Folks. We have yet to get Atlas and Sapphire is getting to be a distant memory but I digress.

Welcome to your first WDA meeting… I am Flak and I am a WD addict…


I spent $2k and an insane amount of time grinding eggs in a year. I feel like I am even further from pseudo end-game (I’d like to float at 2 tiers below end) than I was when I started, and a helluva lot poorer.

My advice? Don’t spend. Enjoy the graphics and friends. Let the bugs roll off your back. Laugh at everything, good and bad. But for the love of god, don’t spend: if you spend, you’ll expect to get a return on your investment.

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Or if you do spend, consider limiting yourself to elite membership only :blush: the extra XP and egg tokens are totally worth it.