New to team contribution

Do you earn points towards team if you just joined in middle of an event

dont know if you are team less and joined a team in the middle of the event and would still gain points

non pvp event - if you join another team, make sure that it is on the same league (silver team to another silver team) for you to get a team reward. Contributed points that you have done will stay on your former team and you will do another contribution to the new team. If you want to most updated points, just go to your individual prize menu as the main event tab will only show your current contribution points on that team.

pvp event - whatever team you are in when it started should be your team until the end. just think of it as a war battle. if you move, you can’t contribute anything.

Thank you I wasn’t on a team anymore just joined a team wasn’t sure if my points would contribute towards teams or not I’ll keep an eye on team contribution and c if mine are going in or not

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