New to WD, lifetime gamer

Hello and good day to anyone reading this.
I just wanted to create this post to share my experience and suggestions for War Dragons as a new player as of 6 weeks ago. I’m currently level 71 in a guild that I immensely enjoy due to our communication and activity. I plan on playing for years to come because this game is exactly what I enjoy in a mobile game.
There are a few things that I’ve noticed that could use some attention.

The events are perfect. One fortification or breeding and then one pvp. Definitely a great system.
I do think there could be improvement for the in between of the events. A pvp event just ended last night, and breeding doesn’t start until tomorrow night. My dragons are breedable and I have stocked up on tokens and fragments. I don’t have really any reason to do runs today, or even open the game. (The rubies that drop are not significant enough to do runs) It sucks, because I love doing long run grinds.

The other thing I wanted to bring up is the endgame, which I am very much looking forward to. My guild is in Gold 2 at the moment and we’re moving up steadily. We hear a lot about Atlas and are very excited about playing it in the future. I have however done a little research and found out that the Atlas Elite is $20 a month, which completely destroyed our excitement. Enough that even when we get to a high enough league we may not even try to experience it. (As in becoming a no Atlas guild, just enjoying the regular game)

Also, I don’t know how much attention runes and glyphs have gotten since flaks were released, but from the list I’ve seen of all of them, they seem to need a rework. (I could be wrong)

Anyways, just wanted to give my thoughts so far as a fairly new player. Those 2 concerns are all that have come to mind so far.

This post is adorable…

But in all honestly PM me and I’ll answer any and all questions you may have. But don’t get too excited about Atlas. It’s evil.


I remember my WD honey moon period when I was making daily progress. I guess we shouldn’t mention that anyone wanting a Mythic tomorrow can buy one with packs for only $1,716.00 US.


When you do get Atlas for the first time you get one week of Atlas elite free, and you can actually benefit from Atlas even without elite. As for everything, progress in Atlas on comes from time and cooperation :wink:

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Don’t expect your current team to ever get atlas. You have to change teams to get it. Don’t expect to get to end game either unless you plan to spend a good chunk of money and a ton of time in game.

Welcome to the game and to the forums!


Unfortunately, it’s among the best offer in WD.
On the plus side, this game is totally playable without Elite / Atlas Elite :wink:
Unless you want to be one of top tier players :eyes:

I think Elite at 4.99 for the regular game is great. Atlas elite however, being $20 a month and no discount for yearly is not great.

Playing in Atlas is completely free, just like the main game. Also just like the main game where you can buy Elite for $5 am month/40 year you can also purchase Atlas Elite for 5 a week/ 20$ a month. Which yes is incredibly high for a mobil game but it has its benefits.

As far as the normal gameplay, there are tons of things that are outdated and dusty. I would focus on your divine dragons from the seasons as they are what run the game. The lineage dragons are more for getting to breeding level and progressing through the tiers. Check out Red’s guide for breeding I also would recommend trying to get on an Atlas team because the benefits are huge for the normal gameplay as well. The main one is rider gears that makes your dragons/ base stronger. Maybe try a plat 4 team, it will give better rewards too :+1: goodluck to you but yes be prepared to spend some money on this game

If you’re a grinder, Atlas elite offers far better rewards than $100 pack (esp. Atlas pack, which is comparable)

@T3rdEyes Atlas elite is VERY addictive though :sweat_smile: consider yourself warned :upside_down_face:


If you plan to stay, get on an atlas team. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make in game. If you are active, find a platinum team. But don’t get too attached, this game’s days are numbered, it’s fun for now, but the future looks shaky ATM.


Lol, ty. As much as I hate the price of elite it is enticing.

How so?

Read through the forums. Filter by top all time threads. Read/skim “open letter to PG” and “a letter form the community” especially. Same problems, different times.
A lot of major creators have left the game all together. See “Well, it’s time” and “Mech’s treasure hunt” Prices are at an all time high and are growing at unreal rates. We’ve had boycotts. See: “is it time for a proper boycott?” And “PG can we talk?” We have also seen some drops in player numbers (60k to 30k) see “egg token census, how many of us are left?”, but some recent stabilization in numbers, oddly. A lot of whales grown tired of being on the “spending treadmill.” Most people have little faith in PG after nerfs and unfixed issues to multiple seasonal dragons.

Not trying to be all doom and gloom, but things don’t look great.


Honestly, enjoy the game at the lower tiers. Have fun and don’t dump money into the game.

In order to join a top 100 team, you’d have to spend at least $15,000 on the game at this point. That would give you the towers and tokens to level up to a Sapphire 1 team.

But your base and dragons would blow ass. You wouldn’t have rider gear. So to spend, it would cost more. To grind, it would take at least a year to get a few sets of usable gear.

It’s a fun game. But realize what it takes to get to the top.

And that’s not the top. Diamond you’d have to spend $30k to be a weaker player on the team.

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I am definitely having fun where I’m at. Nowhere in my post did I say anything about joining a top tier team.

@T3rdEyes You don’t have to join a “top tier” team to get Atlas access. There are lots of teams in Gold and Platinum that already have Atlas and are looking for players to join them. Pick one of those teams and join them. :wink::+1:

Good Luck!


I remember that feeling. You definitely need to get atlas. Atlas event starts on Mondays and ends on Thursdays (although atlas pvp is down when there is a release :cry:)

As sad as it sounds, you will never get atlas with your current team because you need to get to sapphire and that’s impossible without atlas. Your only solution is to change for a team with atlas. That’s the best advice I received when I was around your level. If you really enjoy this game, you will end up doing it

Around 1.5 years ago… I was your lvl when obsidian was the top tier…
I looked up those lvl 300 plus players who came and crushed everyone in gold tier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: they were like gods in my eyes.

Well fast forward now… Quit the game about 2 months now and still lurking in forum :sunglasses:
The forum is more fun than the game :joy:

Get out or just be free to play, you wont hit endgame any time soon unless you drop thousands of dollars.