New to WD, lifetime gamer

I have two F2P alts on non-Atlas teams, they are around level 200 and starting Emerald (using Red’s Icicle 4 path - good, fast progress). They are quite viable in Plat 4 - plenty of targets during PvPs which can provide good points. This without Atlas and without gear - as gear is still unattainable without Atlas or choosing a seasonal rider (I always choose a dragon, and scrolls just aren’t available in any meaningful quantities). I have Atlas on my main mainly for the extra goodies, but frankly, I don’t enjoy it - hence the alts - I prefer the main game.

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Patience and enjoyment in the little things is key to F2P or E2P. Also, being ok with competitive in your area (league, team, level), not with the top %’s.

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