New Tower Announcement - Reminder about balance

So since a new tower will be previewed today, I’d like to repost my proposal from 4 months ago.

I’m not sure if anyone from PG saw it or even thought about balance at some point but I hope that it won’t turn out to be yet another Flak for players to sink money/rare embers into it.

Looking forward to some creativity from PG’s side!

I’m calling Earth flak

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call it whatever you want, I’ll still call it BS lol


Well assuming i even bother to make whatever this new tower is that will mean i will need to bench one of my already existing higher level towers… so once again i must bring this up:


What ever the case, it’ll probably cost even more elemental embers. Or even worse, black pearls.

I made predictions the other day and i hope they hold true :smiley: They are at least creative and would add a new dimension into base building.

I’m hoping that the Wind flak supershot would speed up the attacking dragons speed similar to evasion, but not include the dodge part. Maybe most ideal for right near the farms section of a base and would be advisable to have players learn to leave a supershot while defending for this sole purpose.

I’m hoping that the Earth Flak supershot would slow down the flame/projectile speed of any dragons. This would slow down hunter shots and sorcerer shots, basically lowering their effectiveness to change targets rapidly like the recent patches tried to fix for sorcerers and warriors, but would be even slower. It would also slow down hunter shots so that the towers were able to deal more damage before being destroyed.


Do we have to stick with flaks though? We don’t have a dark turret as yet…
However I can see the issue of this is not a flak tower what will it use because I am loathe to get another currency in game…
(Dark turret could use black pearls if they were increased drop wise)

I really don’t like these ideas lol

As it is with good gear, only the best flyers can setup and take down the top bases. Both of these ideas, especially ur idea for an earth flak, would be too OP imo.

Someone has been looking at the game files. :wink:

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They’re kinda obvious considering the five elements of dragons we have aren’t they?

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How so?

Fire flak currently cuts dragon attack down to 50% for a time period, suggesting that the speed at which projectiles fly is cut is possibly quite similar in effect to half damage is it not? But not as damaging to hunters who still get to deal the full damage just delayed a bit. I really thought that it was a good compromise and would of course need testing to fully understand it’s power scale.

Actually i haven’t, just assumed the normal progression of towers :slight_smile:

I think it’s probably going to be this:


Introducing the Ruby Flak!

Note that for this flak to operate, rubies must be pre-loaded and cannot be retrieved. The number and power of shots increases as more rubies are loaded.

(I did steal this idea from someone else, but I’m not sure to whom original credit belongs.)


Well they would stack is the problem. They are quite similar so replacing one with the other seems redundant as well.

It allows for variation in base design. Yes, using an earth, wind and fire flak creates a nice boogie wonderland island shutting attackers down, but if you also want to protect it with mages, there’s no room left for actual damage towers or a storm shield. I think these could work well if they’re properly balanced (and that is a big if I have to admit).


Any maybe it’s too much. But maybe it also balances. We will never know in this fictitious example because the GPF won’t ever get to test it for balance at all levels.

But i also think that stacking debuffs isn’t a bad thing either. If its two damage reduction ones, hammer a blue mage down then a dragon could cloak or shield and two supershots would be wasted on those towers. If it’s a damage reduction and a damage taken increase (fire turret) same thing.

I think that stacking the buffs/debuffs is what could give lots of different strategy to the game and the restriction of 5 towers to a small / 10 to a long but only have 5 in range usually is what helps bring balance. If we could stack every debuff in the game, yeah there would be a problem adding more, but we have this restriction in place already.

Credit has to be given to @forScience , some friends and I were pushing her to do it :rofl:


So bottom line is there will be 5 Flaks types in the end, we know they are coming.

Question is: Who can afford them and who pays for the projectile tower’s funeral?


Hmm, good point. How about earth flak: triples the damage dragon takes from projectiles for X seconds?

Well… I guess I’m the only player left here who is asking for balance between projectile, elemental and flak type towers.

So tell me how you’re going to afford that Earth Flak you’re talking about :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy just to get more xp for towers over level 53. :man_shrugging:t2: