New Tower: Cosmic Orrery - Official Discussion Thread

Chiggity checkout the announcement and come back over to the Discussion Thread to lay down your thoughts: The Stars Have Aligned to reveal a new Tower - The Cosmic Orrery

Just a note before we get started, a note from the team:

"While we understand that an additional currency can be frustrating and adds complexity, we’ve found it to be a necessary bit of architecture that supports future features."

Note: orrery = 1 per small island
howitzer = 1 per perch region (first 3 islands, next 3 island, last 2 islands)

Will you be stargazing with power or nah?
  • Oh my lucky stars! (Positive)
  • Looking up hurts my neck (Neutral)
  • I don’t like Orrer movies! (Negative)

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🥲 help


No runes.

Edit: I will fix the post >:(


In post it says runes.


Is there a build limit?

8 as 1 per island, per Galileo post…
But isn’t the first island 1 island?

What does this mean? Is this like a tractor beam earth flak or something?

Going to move this question to this thread.

it looks like it’s an earth flak/mage tower that pulls dragons with a hook

Why??? Just why are you introducing a new consumable? Who on PG staff thought this game needed another one? Seriously… who?


It didnt staging with storm or earth flak right?
How far 100 and 90 is? Like howitzer or like drakul?

Can be is an understatement.

Will we be able to place an orrery on an island with a storm tower or earth flak?
Or will it be restricted so that only one of the three can be on an island?


Sounds strong, I’m surprised they’re outclassing the earth flak so soon. Would be nice to see how the HP and the supershot percentage and duration compare to earth and storm.

  • Is percentage of the shielding tower’s HP also the way ice turret and earth flak work? (edit: apparently yes and yes - player provided answer)
  • Can this be placed in the same cluster as earth flak or storm? (edit: Answer is No!)
  • I see attack power, so the normal shot does damage as well as the rage freeze / speed effects? (edit: yes)
  • Can we get more details on those effects - how much speed, how long a freeze? (edit: speed and freeze details at neon)
  • Do existing shields or spells like Take That protect against these effects?
  • Does its shield apply to nearby (including adjacent cluster) earth or storm?

edit to answer some of my own questions: i see the hp is actually in the initial post, and looks higher than storm or earth flak. And there’s an attack power that looks lower than those if I’m comparing to the right number. And it says projectile, so presumably the attack can be dodged. Added in some more answers above.


You mean it drives revenue? Let’s call a spade a spade please, we don’t need this BS.


I’m confused. Will we have two tower branches or only one Cosmic Orrery branch?
I know the post says Cosmic Orrery’s branch will contain also electrum bars, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will have only one tower branch

Edit: This post was not intended as a reply of your post. I’m sorry :grimacing:

  • No mention of the line contents so people can made decisions in the next 40 minutes before the wave 2 boost ends?

  • Can you have one of these on the same island as an earth/storm?

  • What is the limitations on the 2nd howitzer? Did yall get the 1 per long island restriction to work or will we be seeing 2 per long island now?

  • Can you please explain the Orrery’s rage blocking effect more and what “pulls dragons in” means please

So let me see if this is right in case I misunderstood

  • it needs 3 currencies to upgrade
  • it has a range longer than an ice flak
  • it blocks rage regen with its normal attack
  • it provides an HP buff
  • it has higher HP than an Earth flak and damage equal to a fire flak

Can Bea?


It blocks rage regen with NORMAL ATTACKS?! Do we know the fire rate for this new tower?

I suppose that was under her statement so…yes?

Good to see a PG employee making light of what is a legitimate concern voiced by the players…