New Tower Graphics!

After reading the comment from MareZ i wanted to make a separate thread about giving towers a new look past level 15!

This got me to remember how i had wanted towers to resemble the tier of dragon that they are meant to combat. The levels correlate with each tier of dragon very nicely-

Red Tier Lvls 1-5

Purple Tier Lvls 6-10

Blue Tier Lvls 11-15

Orange Tier Lvls 16-20

Green Tier Lvls 21-25

Gold Tier Lvls 26-30

Platinum Tier Lvls 31-35

Sapphire Tier Lvls 36-40

Garnet Tier Lvls 41-45

Emerald Tier Lvls 46-50

Obisdian Tier Lvls 51-55

TBD Tier Lvls 56-60


This pattern is what pg has been following for a long time now, or at least it’s what i have observed while playing. If we could distinguish towers beyond level 15 I feel as tho players would be more eager to build as wach new tier of tower would have a different look!

My idea simply was to make each tier of tower levels have the tower match the tier it is supposed to defend against!

So after level 30 the towers should get a more interesting upgrade in appearance with Gems/Crystals surrounding them, decorating/covering them, or even spinning/floating around them!

So with the completion of a level 31 tower the tower would recieve a new skin that looks like Platinum instead of Gold! And with the completion of a level 36 towers there would be Sapphire (blue) crystals marking it to make it stand out!

I made up some drawings in my free time. I’m not an artist but i hope these are enough to serve my point!


Can I like this more than once?


I wish!!! Maybe i should make separate forum accounts?:thinking:

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I thought that the changing the band color around the towers was pretty interesting. They could add a color layer that, if it takes up less resources (no idea). That’d get pretty confusing with similar dragon tiers now, though (red & garnet, green & emerald, etc.).

Lighter and darker colour maybe, and blueish green compared to bright emerald. Garnet is also a darker bloody red compared to red light red…

That’s a neat idea! I’m always a proponent of communicating things visually over textually. I’ll offer up this suggestion to the team.


Lets hope this concept wont break any old devices :frowning:

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This is a great way to fix the broken (IMO) visual
Change as towers progress. It also potentially saves PG time and money rolling out new tiers.

Win for everyone. You would no longer need to study the map before flying, for those who can do highly technical “on-the-fly”.


This would also help defenders by knowing relative levels of towers on a base.


I’m not sure this would be much help for attackers unless no defender lol but would be a huge help for defenders. Or maybe that’s just because it’s been this way so long I’m actually used to sizing up bases quickly :flushed:
I’ve always been disappointed that the visual changes stopped pretty early on. I love visual cues like that :heart_eyes:

This is truly a fantastic idea…definitely love the idea that it adds a dimension to visually think about strategy during an attack as opposed to memorizing tower levels from the preview, too!

@XxTrueOnexX thank you for making this a seperate thread!

Some more ideas:

Supershot visual effects:
A level 60 Cannon Tower could not just look differently, it could also shoot different ammo as supershots such as a huge crystal ball if you go with the Obsidian/Emerald crystal design from your pictures.
Trebs could shoot a big spiked crystal ball, Lightning towers could shoot a lightning in the matching color of their tier, the flame of the Archer’s supershot could burn in the matching color aswell…

Supershot bonus abilities:
Additionally, the supershots could have slightly more powerful effects such as adding a short 0,5sec stun to the Cannon if it breaks a shield, adding a burning DoT if hit by a burning Archer arrow (copy paste poison mechanic), add a short debuff to the dragon so he takes 1% more damage while stunned, add a short healing effect for farms and mills that continues healing 3% of their HP over 3sec…

Just a few ideas :slight_smile:


I think it would benefit attackers and defenders the same way.
Let’s take a group of Lightning Towers where one is very high level and the others are very low level just to boost the high tower.
If we could see which one is the high level LT, the defender would know which one to use the supershot on and the attacker would know which one to kill first. :grin:

Another thing that PG could change would be the info on dragons when defending. The dragon will have a lebel of what tier it is, which isn’t very helpful considering a lvl 1 Amarok and a max Amarok are very differently matched on a level 70 base… but all the defenders see is “orange”, which the defender should already know…

It’s unhelpful to know the tier a dragonis when it’s hitting your base. Knowing the level would be much more helpful as it would tell you if you have a chance defending or not, while the tier of a dragon tells you nothing when the dragon is in the tier where you might be able to stop it. Most players can determine an event dragon’s tier from the level and a regular dragon’s tier just by looking at it. And any dragon that players do not recognize is because it is several tiers above their own and thusly will beat their base either way, so knowing it’s tier doesn’t help one bit if the dragon will destroy the base even with defense.

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I think this is a little off topic in this thread about New Tower Graphics.

Anyway, I think differently about this. I find the tier very helpful, especially when it’s a divine dragon. When I see the divine is in Obsidian and attacking a lower base, I might not waste too much effort/items to stop it unless it’s a War or Atlas attack.

I’m not very good with numbers and PG changes the numbers all the time. Moonfang will have 65 levels or so, I have no idea at which level his stats make a jump or not.
Older divines can have a high level number aswell although they max out in Garnet and are thus much weaker.
Besides a lvl25 Noc can eventually tear down your base just as good as a lvl30 Noc.

In the end it’s all about the attacker’s flying skills anyway and I’m currently fine with the info I see about the attacking dragons while I defend :slight_smile:

Let’s get back on topic about the towers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’d actually rather not see towers with crystals floating around them (though it would be neat) because I fear it would become too cluttered and too many “items” in battle would mean more loading time and when defending short bases it can end up with half the base already damaged by the time you enter battle. I have very good internet but loading defence already often result being stuck in loading screen while I hear the base getting destroyed in the background…

So instead I would like to see the skin of towers shine the colour of its tier, like it used to be plain then bronze, silver and gold and more and more powerful look… So you could either had a glow of the right color tier around the tower, change the plates to match the tier colour…
I’m also asking this because it still happens that I miss an archer in the middle of an island because the tower is blending with the background (smart thing but I doubt it is intended…)

Also about towers firing supershots from the colour of their tier I think it would be a bit confusing while using warrior with different colour fires, or Certain other Dragons. So I’m not sure it’s a good idea… Or it has to be tweaked a little further.


Love this idea and I believe there is discussion within the team about it too. This will definitely show that this is a meaningful update that players want. Thank you for posting this!


Well let’s slow down a little bit here I’m the 18th post on this thread lets not run off to make every tower have swirling colors around it that sounds like disaster to me. I like the idea of making towers looks different as they level but hopefully a thread of 18 posts doesn’t rush this to the top of the priority list and tomorrow all bases look ridiculous.

If this is going to happen I’d suggest providing SEVERAL options for players to comment on and give feedback on rather than just running with this at the drop of a hat. I personally like how “clean” the towers look and would rather them keep that “clean” look, though they could certainly keep progressing like they did up until level 15 (I think?). I’d rather see cool looking towers personally than a rainbow of little color wheels spinning around on every island. The idea by the OP is good but take some time to make it look good if it’s going to happen.

I would hope that any additions would be in line with the existing visual upgrades seen at lower levels. They’re nice and unobtrusive. I think the levels between the existing changes could be extended also so we don’t have to add so many doodads onto lv60s


This would be EPIC the original concept is very nice , but I have to agree about making the towers to busy. just changing the color of the skins would make a :heart::heart_eyes: lovely difference.