New Tower Idea?

Sniper- range exceeds dragon fire range, slow rate of fire, shoots projectiles, moderately high damage

Supershot- slows dragon flight to 50% for 4 seconds

I’m confused about the supershot thing
And sniper is appropriate for the game “War” Dragons. Sounds okay…not that good or worth it to be on a base tbh. And think, “will PG ever do this?”

Basically a tower attacking before you can touch it? Seems unfair. Especially when the supershots will further increase the damage of the tower and the Dragon can’t retaliate, it can only protect…

That’s a no for me. Sorry.


I think that’s advantageous to the raider than the defender if it can slow down a dragon flight (at lower level).

maybe a debuff kind of tower that deflects or debuffs dragon based on type:

Sorcerer: every 10 second, it can destroy 1 projectile
Warrior: Reduces damage dealt by 5% for 3 seconds every 10 seconds (cooldown starts after the duration ends or 13 second cooldown)
Hunter: Reduces ammo regen by 25% for 3 seconds every 10 seconds (cooldown starts after the duration ends or 13 second cooldown)

has global range, but you can only place 1.

Hm I can see your points here. I think one for the entire base is a fair cap.

The idea was that projectile towers need a boost in higher tiers, and that it would be a counter to hunter attacks that often rely on a weak tower to snipe the rest of the base (since hunters are much stronger than warriors and sorcerers). This is particularly targeted at necryx.

Like kardul mentioned, it favors dragons that protect and tank damage, such as warriors with their health and sorcerers with shields. The slowdown is targeted at hunters again, an indirect counter to cloak. (Sorry I don’t actually hate hunters I just think they need some balancing).

Any other ideas for new projectile towers?

Anti aircraft missles

Yes please. Suckers that use this tower will make their base much easier to conquer! :facepunch:


They should be getting close to done with the elemental series. Ice flak left?

Something like a cosmic series might be interesting and give them quite a few options for naming, graphics, abilities, etc.
How bout a black hole flak with an event horizon ss that puts a sort of reverse time shift on dragons?
How much fun would it be for that sucker to bounce you to some random spot on a base, them drag you back later? :grin:

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New towers are the last thing this game needs imo.


Just my two cents, but any new tower should have a strength and a weakness.

Aside from the fact that slowing down actually will be helpful in most cases, there is no strategy to counter this.

Also, necryx is easy to stop if that was the point. Slowing down would just help him. Canon towers do great vs necryx. Fire flak can do wonders when paired right. Storm towers as per all hunters. Archer towers also do great DPS vs necryx.

Personally I think they need to fix their existing issues before adding any new towers. Lots of crazy stuff needing fixing.

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Ice flak. Stick to elementals. We have dark flak and fire flak so why not finish the set?

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I’m not sure it’s “unfair” look at fire turrets 80% - 90% destroyed before it can touch you lol

Archers & Cannons do not do great against Nex lol

Add a cannon Resist and then what’s he worried about just Archers? Lol

Of course it goes through Elemental barrier but if they take away 15% of his health he gains back 40% of his health because the Elemental towers are so much stronger!

I would like for non elemental towers to become stronger or maybe a very powerful non elemental tower added to fight against dragons with spells like Elemental barrier or elemental resists…

Just my opinion (And yeah I love Necryx) just the game is so swayed in the favor of elemental towers being the most powerful that with a skill set like Nex 90% of the time he can take out a base that is 70-100 levels higher like is nothing and bases around same level are so easy just not even fun…

yay! MORE towers and would be more expensive…I cant wait.


I disagree. Canon’s main use is to break his barrier. (Supershot)

Broken barrier yields no healing and vulnerable to everything. If you paired it with mages it’s a dead bird. (I take down necryx left and right, he’s easy to kill)

Archer towers have the second highest DPS in the game.

I wouldn’t be against buffing some towers, but I’d be happier if my fire turret damage was fixed or if lightning supershots were not blocked by lightning resist when all others are.

Easy to kill? That’s a bit of an exaggeration. He is fantastic against defenders and can solo bases 100 levels higher than that of the flyer…Bases my level usually even with defenders he is going right through.

Honestly on bases level 200-300+ how many cannons do you ever see? Never that many! Alot of
Times none…75% or more have 1-2 or less and few have 3 with 3+ being rare! Obviously Im speaking about only bases I have flown against. So that limits the times you have to kill him with your strategy.

And yeah mages hurt any dragons but he has 2 white spells, all one rage spells with runes can re-generate rage fast especially when he just needs one bar and he can also sand mages making them useless…So I would definitely say he is effected by them a lot less then a lot of dragons! He can maintain on a lot less rage then most dragons…

You say it like it’s very easy lol Supershot the cannon, breaks barrier and mages steal & freeze the rage and boom Nex is dead lol…That’s already 3 towers so this super island your talking about would have to be a long stretch of islands? because if just 5 towers Nex is going to immediately take out the 2 strongest towers before barrier is broken and can just rough it thru the cannon & 2 mages but if it was indeed a long stretch then that works even better in Nex favor.

And everything you said you could say about a ton of dragons not just Nex.
Of course he can be taken down but it’s really not that simple…I do agree with you about cannons being useful breaking barriers & shields & of course mages are a must! But it’s just a lot more then 2 mages with a cannon being the trick against defending Nex and he is definitely not very easy to kill.

I dont know why people are even thinking of this idea :man_shrugging:t2: there’s one ice flak still left and getting new idea’s in mind :roll_eyes: We dont need any new towers :no_good_man:t2:

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I have never had trouble stopping him. I may be a bigger level than you, but the only thing I do differently is supershot my canon tower. His barrier does zilch if he has none. He is a non issue defended. I have far more issues with hauheset (albeit probably skilled pilots has more to do with the difference)

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You probably are :shushing_face: Hauheset yes :grin: great dragon :+1:

The point was it’s a bit more then just supershotting the cannon. Lol because what’s to say he doesn’t equip barrier again in less then a second or destroy the cannon, use Cloak to regain ammo & barrier?

Basically a blue mage hanging out close, the cannon destroys barrier/shield & red mage steals the rage to a point where he doesn’t have a bar left with powerful towers still alive and around to take him down? :grimacing: Because breaking his barrier is going to do nothing if he has rage left or can cloak…

In that case I’m not sure it’s really Nex being that easy to take down it sounds like disaster for most dragons lol

Well it goes without saying you should have mage towers supershot. Rage gone + canon supershot

His advantage is that the spell only cost 1 rage.

One thing maybe worth mentioning, the mage supershot research is basically mandatory.