New tower in the future?


Sholud we have a new type of tower in the future?

I think that earth flak is the last flak series.

How do you think?

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I think that if you type “earth flak” into the search box, the very first thread answers your question:

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Very well thank you, and you?

Also, pglawson explained some of their musings over a new tower in his Q&A last night, but kinda sounds like there’s nothing solid in place yet. Also, you heard correctly that earth flak was the last in the flak series.


Er… Should’ve quoted Arelyna instead, but I’m too lazy to quote closed topic :sweat_smile:


We need a cleaners Hut. All those egg shells. No one ever talks about it. We just accept it.
I would like to entertain the idea of a new hut: The cleaners hut. At the end of the week reward. A customizable Piece of flare. Duration lasts for 1 day. No buffs or bonuses. Aesthetic only.
Our Bases will be cleaned by a worker whos purpose is to do what ever needs done to keep the base clean of egg shells and the occasional Dragon mess.


Someone just might be smoking their lunch…



Now that the flak series is done, what can you say about the direction being taken for new towers?

Any thoughts on how addressing the elemental ember shortage created by the whole flak series? Will new towers use a different construction component?

We have been brainstorming a lot about which direction to take new towers. We’re leaning away from releasing a tier of towers more powerful than flaks. What we’d like to do is create different towers that expand base-building horizontally, rather than vertically. Example: creating a tower with special armor that reflects damage back at the attacker, or a tower that always dies in 5 hits, regardless of how powerful those hits. These are simple concepts but we’re experimenting with these lines of thought to try and discover something new and different for War Dragons base-building.

As far as base-building resources, I wouldn’t expect a new tower type to require a new currency. Regarding Ember shortages, I don’t have much influence on how those resources are distributed.

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Give us a tower that drains Ammo bar and paralyzes the dragon for 1 minute :eyes:… unable to do anything :joy:

Oh… and the tower can’t be destroyed either :roll_eyes:



Gains Power based on surrounding Lightning towers + supercharges surrounding lighning towers.

Power of a Dark Flak tower.


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Make something useful I can spend my fire shards on

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Maybe they can let us upgrade our fire and ice turrets to the “Boss” version of the towers used in Temple Raid. A Mustang Boss 302 version, if you will.


Projectile towers incoming, Fire Ice Shards needed

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