New Tower Levels

63 level towers :scream::innocent: guess we needed it PG and with upcoming Atlas season they will help more :rofl::rofl::v:t2:

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wait what?

63 towers coming out this fort.

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oh course they are!!! hurray!!! yippee! I am so excited for this load a crap!!

Where did they announce this?

Info on how many Harbinger eggs are required would be helpful

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CF people release crucial info now :sweat_smile:

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I remember my first acid trip :crazy_face:


also on fb…
but still no information in our forum lol :joy::joy:


This is all conjecture based on what they have done before

Levels 51 to 60 were the last group introduced.

Level 50 required a level 30 Builder hut, as did 51 and 52.

Level 60 requires a level 36 builder hut.

If PG follows the same pattern
A level 36 hut will let you build 61 and 62, but you will need a level 37 hut to build 63.

Also, if they follow the same pattern, you will need 4 Harbinger Eggs for each Hut upgrade.


if we look at only the past 5 tower levels, even though it was a group of 10 levels released at once, 56 did not require an upgrade beyond 55. 57 required an upgrade, 58 and 59 were covered by another upgrade, and 60 was covered by another.

So, for 5 more levels, I would expect 3 additional hut upgrades, and that you will need 4 eggs per upgrade.

This is based only on historical progression/costs.

If 5 towers are meant to cover a tier of dragons, which appears to be the case, and given the huge cost of towers, this is really good for players (in a relative sense, not an absolute sense), then 66-70 would be another 3 hut upgrades at 4 eggs each, but the eggs would be whatever is coming after harbinger.

This does make a lot of assumptions that I cannot support, but neither is it blind guessing.

This truly sucks if true… seriously, knock it off already. We don’t need new tower levels. Feel free to expand the map, add new towers, add layers to riders or more access to defensive riders/gear for all to help increase or maintain revenue streams. Idiotically, I had held out hope that you heard the masses and just possibly understood… clearly that isn’t the case.

Well it’s new towers or nerf the fuck out of Destar. Which do you think will make PG more money and piss off less people?


Destar isn’t the reason for 63 towers. He can easily be stopped. It’s corthanak

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I reckon corthanak is a bit underpowered compared to OP harbinger dragons (Destar, Neptus)
Defending lv60 towers with hammer and hp boost can easilly sink him like a rock in water… There is no way he can cope with storm tower shield neither.
Lv63 towers with defender will completely make him helpless…

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It’s not cause of any of these dragons…they were always going to release new tower levels…

Then they will rebalance them cause they’re too powerful. Then they will rebalance the rebalance cause they made it too weak. It’s always 3 steps :joy:


Then we will get a message that lightning, storms and mage damage wasn’t growing properly…

You need a 37 builder hut to build at least a level 61 tower

And 38 for 63

Wish they would have released the rest of the Harbinger dragons so it would help us get the extra four necessary eggs. Hate to use tokens without working towards a new dragon.

lolz, there is already a max base… all 63s :slight_smile: