New Tower Line Questions

In a way yes, I have. I’ve seen what boosted lightings can do when you dont have a lighting resist equipped.

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I would kindly disagree , Volts have no research ( to be confirmed) runes or rider buffs working for them . So I’d see them to perform weaker than LT towers with the only advantage of resists not working for them . Very intriguing to see really .


If their attack is influenced by the LT around them, this means they can be pretty darn good.


Them alone dont make much of a difference , for example in a scenario when you have 1 Volt with 2 LT , the attacker will have only the base attack from Volt add up as extra damage which however will be lower compared to maxed buffed lightnings from runes / research and rider such as Ryva. However if the attacker has LT resist Volt will have a better chance to do more damage . The explosion on destruction is similar to fire flak.

No , runes , or riders with specific buffs such as Ryva for lightning buffs wont work , only research is to be confirmed

It’d be great to have some confirmation around what modifiers will apply to them.

Will LT research apply to CVT?
Will Rider LT buffs apply to CVT?
Will LT Runes/Glyphs apply to CVT?

Without this info, we’re down to wait for the community to find it out and that’s just… Can’t find the nice words for it :frowning:

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Thanks Eff!

You know that for certain, or just an (educated) guess?

Nones of those wont work . Only research to be confirmed .

I know for certain , unless there’s some last min change that none of us know but dont think so :facepunch:

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Thanks bud

I guess then the only reason to get them is to avoid LT resists, which… Ok, I’d you are that far in the game that you can have two lightning tower islands.

Has it been confirmed that Volts won’t benefit from lighting research the way archmages benefited from mage research? Wouldnt exactly be new for PG to change something at the last moment anyway

There’s what, 12 lighting HP, 9% lighting attack and 10% lighting ss research plus the speed one?

Supershot yes but regular attack still seems significantly better even without specific boosts yet. That resist is a pretty big advantage when so many dragons now a days rely on dodges.
Im not saying they will replace lightings yet, just that they look like they could be a significant, non-resisted threat depending on how things go.

Ryva gives 25 atk, 31 hp to a lighting, Lorenzo could give 25.5 atk, 26 hp to everything so only diff there would be the 5% hp from a rider

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The Charged Volt has double regular attack damage and an additional 25% supershot damage compared to lightning towers. With research, supershot damage of lightning towers may surpass the Charged Volt, but overall, this is a tower that has a near instant beam speed and deals a very large amount of damage. How exactly are dragons without a cloak or shield meant to withstand that?

Plus lightning exotic runes , mythic runes , mythic strikers which wowww have crazy buffs and make huge difference .

From PG no , there’s still their announcement to come out but lets see this last part

Comparing base stats they are better of course , but Lt tower has so many buffs compared which wont work .

Since the tower has only base attacks pretty sure it wont one kill a dragon unless the flier lets himself die on them

For example the volt ss has an increase of 25% compared to base LT, but on the other hand LT has had research buffs , strikers and runes

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It looks fun I’m excited


Thanks Eff - so this tower is probably optional like the archmage until we see some runes / riders etc for it.

Good to get one started but no rush to complete it just yet

Just like this one?

I believe the lightning tower empowered SS maxes out at 3 towers. Is this the same for the CVT?

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This is the tower I was looking for; hopefully, graphics are the shit.

Really looking forward to see how this tower performs.

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Credits: fishkal13

But shouldn’t we had official announcement from pg?!

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It’s the weekend and tomorrow is a holiday. They didn’t manage to get it out on Friday so I’d guess there wont be one until Tuesday