New tower nerf takes away challenging skills

I know there’s probably alot of posts on ths already,but ima throw my own bitch in there…spent tons of resources to ug my base so certain lvl dragons couldn’t beat it or make it challenging…ive added 6lvls to my main towers on my main killer island(35-41)…yet thanks to nerf…dragons who died or struggled are defeating me with no problems…dragons lvl range from 30-40…and now I’m not challenged when hitting bases,even a base I bookmarked to challenge my skills,I beat with a single dragon,wasn’t even my best dragon

Did you read any update threads recently? 🤷


They’ve announced they admittedly over ‘balanced’ and will be giving it another go… Hang tight, let’s see if/when/how their second attempt goes.

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No tried scrolling dwn on one I seen,but 1300 replies lol

Awesome,guess I’ll just hangout and watch my base be destroyed while they do that lol thanks

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We’re all in the same boat my friend - at least they’ve acknowledged the error and are going to try to correct it. Now it’s just a matter of time.

You can also just check #announcements for the thread below, where PGCrisis is cross-posting anything in the other thread…


It sucks bad. But look on the bright side. You can rapidly grind out eggs now…

I used to combine practice runs with eggs but this way you get it done faster, I guess. Heh

I mean can we please stop to open rant threads without any value?

If you want to rant provide information actually SHOW where errors are and how bad the implementation is.

But saying

“My base sucks now”

Isn’t helpful at all. Guess what ALL of our bases suck now.

Thanks for understanding

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