New tower releases

Releasing new towers messes up our base layout!*** (most important point here)

Howi was okay, but another one right after that seems a bit excessive. And it also forces players to get the new branch (if there is one) to not miss out on the new tower (which makes players who choose 1 line miss their dragons or riders). All I am asking for is not to release another one after 2 seasons. Thanks.

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Death throes, fire sales come to mind…

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idc if they release a new tower as long as we get 2 seasons of them timers to also help level it up! each season lol has had a time where no towers was released soo with them timers we have been able to build a new tower eventuallly be able to have a whole base that isnt worth 100 grand plus

Agreed. Time to look for a new game tbh

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Im ok with getting a new branch if it means it is full of timers. That’s what I primarily care about in the first place. It’s not like building the new tower is mandatory and there’s maybe 1 legendary dragon a year worth getting

I’m happy there is a new tower coming out. My guess is it will use electrum bars also.


First there were lightening towers, and they were the strongest in the game. Then there were turrets and THEY were the strongest in the game. Then there were Flak towers and THEY were strongest in the game. Now there are Howitzer towers and THEY are strongest in the game. It is a never ending cycle. Ladies and gentlemen get your wallets out.

Hey PG when are the pandemic towers coming out? They can consume all your archaic towers.


As long as the new tower branch gives me timers, I’m satisfied.

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My only concern is the rss that will require to be built . Hopefully since they gave us Electrum Bars And we still got plenty , and they didnt name it howie shards or whatever ,I have high hopes it will require electrums and not something new

Im 99% sure they will create another ressource for it, money comes allways first for Pg :roll_eyes:

Yes. Let me guess… “Fire” Electrum Bars :roll_eyes:

As long as the branch is worth it
I actually like the Howie branch prizes so it better be better if not equal

Same here.
And I hope they name the new rss as bloodstone shards.
What? Bloodstone Shards seems like a cool name to me.

I’m not sure why people are expecting a new resource. I mean fire and ice turrets each had their own resource, then with flaks pg realized how much that sucked and used the same resource for a whole series of towers. Why do people think they’ll regress back to the turret system here?


Probably cause of Electrum bars for the howz tower?

Although they said this new tower will not be bringing a new currency to the game in the other thread, so let’s see what it uses tomorrow :slight_smile:

A poll filled in by 200 people before they have any information whatsoever just underlines the utter worthlessness of these polls.


Let’s make similar poll after the stream with details )

The thing that I didnt like about CH is the way they made it a must have line.
Following that logic the new tower will prob be a must have line.
And with BB before it you now have 3 must have lines.

So no variety what so ever (for the majority of player base that chases a Mythic).

Not to mention that it is mid season, unannounced…yadda yadda yadda