New tower should be short range white mage with only 1 allowed per base

Plz make next tower short range white mage with only 1 allowed per base

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I agree. But it shouldnt be limited to 1 pr base

I’m curious why and how you think it will be balanced and why you would think it would improve dragon to base balance!?
From where I’m standing it would throw balance off drastically so effectively nerfing most dragons in our current meta!
Just don’t see how a white mage is a good idea. :man_shrugging:
If you want something to be changed your gunna need to show why you believe the change would improve play!
So basically your going to need to convince us and pg why you think it will be a good addition to the game! :rofl:
Your gunna be met with stiff criticism so your gunna need some real valid points to back of the need for a white mage!


mythics like sepulla already cant win full undefended base… white mages will make her die way sooner lol … currently none of the dragons are as Over powered … so i dont think we need a white mage


What is a white mage?


Self-quoting my questions from similar older topic


Umm, we already have a white mage. You should build one, they’re pretty great
Ice Flak Tower 1


If OP means having ability to disable red, blue, and white then yes.


White mage will be the final nail in the coffin :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The whole point of white spells are to not be blocked my mages. If you add an extra mage in the game:

White spells lose all meaning and another type has to be invented.

Bases get their AP lowered since its very essential but isnt damage oriented.

This ruins all the fun


I dont have an opinion on wether or not white mages should be added. But I know for sure flying bases was a lot more fun and challenging before white spells…


No, no, and no. I want to ask you a very simple question and we will go from there, what is the purpose of white spells?

A dragon without a single white spell would die in today’s meta.

I would prefer a yellow mage to cancel passive spells. :crazy_face:


Ice flak has really forced developers to use white spells on dragons.

And what about dragons that have all their damage spells as white? How would they beat that island? Activate shield, sit back and laugh at them. Good luck beating 2 towers with auto attack before you can use your spells.


White mage


If they implemented a white mage then the next dragons would just have different colored spells. Green or smn. Then you’re just back to square one. Dumb idea, hopefully PG never considers this.


Absolutely not :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming: As was posted, start building Ice Flaks, they are your friend against White Spells :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely NO. Its a terrible idea my friend, trust me. I play from 4 years. Anyone who has been playing for years knows what a pain it was to have dragons with Spells that could be blocked by the Mage Towers. The White Spells were introduced on purpose. With a White Mage Towers it would be impossible to play.
All dragons in the game are knockable, you just need to know how to defend decently and how to def against specific dragons.
Furthermore, it is sufficient for the attacker to make a mistake and gg.
Trust me, horrible idea.
Edit. And btw we have Towers that can actually block most white spells, invincibility shields for example.
I can understand a Mage Tower that work as Blue and Red (same concept behind the Earth Flak).