New tower should be short range white mage with only 1 allowed per base

Opinions are like… well you.

And you’re free to think what you want. As am I.

Opinions are like egos and …well yeah those! :rofl:and every one has one!
The trick is knowing who’s leading who!

So I’ll start with the ice flak you know the one the flak with absolutely the most utility of all flaks!
Yep that’s the one! can’t miss it! as it requires experience to operate!
Now let’s not get all butthurt! Lol I’m not accusing you of not knowing how to operate it ! just simply stating those around you may not be utilizing it to it’s full potential !

As for meta…
I know why they haven’t introduced it yet and it’s not very complicated!lol

I was being nice by asking the poster to explain and informing him that he better be armed with some valid points and vast knowledge of game meta to make a case!
Yep because simply stating the games balanced heavy towards dragons :dragon: is not entirely accurate or effectively true!

Sorry it’s literally balanced towards the defender! :man_shrugging: And with the introduction of white spells we see a path to allow pg to balance higher and higher tier dragons against a meta that heavily favors a well designed and well defended base!

So unless you’d like to face all the new towers that have been added recently with a nerfed dragon facing a white mage and who knows what because I have a feeling the pylon will not be the last new tower added !
Let’s stop and think this thorough! because as the meta evolves your gunna need those white spells and the last thing we need is a tower that drastically shifts the meta early!
And just how many mages can one long handle before you have nerfed your own damage potential?
We just don’t have room in this current layout!
If pg would take my idea of evolving layouts that correlate with leagues maybe there would be enough room in our layouts! “ ignored Solution to sandbagging “

Yep diamond bases Would then have more than 5 towers per island with a unique layout they might then have room for the white mage!
but as it stand currently our meta in my honest opinion as a 6 yr legacy player and grinder is …it’s simply not time and it can’t handle it yet !
Nor do I think it’s needed at any point in the near future! :man_shrugging:
But this is only my take on the meta we have at hand and …so there’s my stinky :poop: opinion on the topic and why I don’t think we need a white mage! :rofl:

So feel free to post a video of you flying a max base with 3 def using a seasonal dragon!
If that base is defended heavily you better be on point brother and you better bring those white spells or your dragons falling out of the sky like a brick! Lmao

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You better shut down this thread immediately, before someone from PG jumps in and think it’s a good idea.

Basically we have allready white mages, they are called Ice Flaks :nerd_face:


No no no no no just no!