New Towers! Wiiiii 😀

-Wizard Towers will have the ability to instantly change color each time the supers hot is loaded (or simply by clicking on it without use the supershot, in this case the SS will be similar to regular Mages).
-The starting color (Blue/Red) can be established in the “info box” of the tower.
-HP similar to Mage Towers.
-Maximum 2 Wizard Towers on the whole base.
-Can be placed togheter with only 1 other Mage Tower(Blue or Red).
-Upgradeable with wood and a new currency, the Wizard’s Souls. It will be earnable Only through individual prizes (Such As Chisels).

Ya because what this game needs is more tower types… while all original towers except lightning remain under powered…


So this really belongs in the suggestions section, not the gameplay questions one, but here goes:

  1. Wizard towers are just toggle-able red/blue mages, which provide a perfect example of power creep; now if you want to use anything but white spells, you have to kill TWO towers instead of one. And on endgame bases, wizard towers become a perfect counter to the fact that there is a cap on mage-building.

    Not to mention that this adds another rare currency, when we have too many currencies already.

  2. The magna turret is…basically a harder-to-dodge fire turret, with a beam attack. Where the fire turret increases the damage the target will take for a short time, the magna turret increases the damage that neighboring towers will deal.

Overall, these two don’t really add anything particularly interesting to gameplay to justify their addition, sorry.


Why not red/blue/white…

LSD tower ftw


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