New treasure dragon

Hey guys theres apokel.
I love war dragons as much as the most of you and i also love new dragons. Ice dragons, fire dragons, hell dragons and every other dragon type in the game. But something was wrong something was missed. I thought and watched the most of the dragons in the game and then i saw that we dont have one of the most european stereotyp dragon: the treasure dragon. A dragon that sleep on gold for a long time and niw he is awake.

I present you my personal idea of a treasure dragon. Pls write me your opinion about the draw and if you wabt to see this dragon in the game. Cant wait for your commentaries:)


Amazing drawing :heart_eyes: but I’m not sure as to how that would apply to the game…?


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Character limits

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Oops. Someone is named Smaug. I was calling the drawing Smaug. From J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit.


(For the sake of staying on topic; I can see that too.)

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I’d love if this was an option for the water dragon 20/20.

You can either choose to summon the water dragon, or this dragon would present you with a choice of x# of a certain type of chest (only 1 claimable per day/week/timeframe)

Love the illustration though


Waaooo i want it for next dragon week event dragon list.

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Nice artwork!

Hope it increases dropchances of gold chests and steals all the Atlas gold from enemies team banks :smiling_imp::moneybag:


Very nice.

Submit this to the museum contest at and hopefully win a $20 value pack.

I want to see more

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Next dragon is already in work:). Now i must find out how to submit this draw in the museum contest😂


Only an airplane can carry that much gold :airplane::airplane:


Paint it please

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