New UI player status is broken

It’s not working, I attacked a few and gorät defended when showing offline. I took these pictures, if I shouldnt show the player here just tell me and I’ll edit.

Yep, it’s not connected correctly. I just checked my leader who is chatting on online and shows he’s online in the info screen, but then when I go to “attack” him, it shows he is offline.

Edit… suppose I could have posted this in the dedicated thread to the new UI. Bad Donovan :pensive:

Well thought, I’ll post there instead. @moderators you can close :+1:


Status has always been less than accurate in my experience. Now we just can see less than accurate information easier.

Improvements abound!


Yes it isn’t 100% accurate but it is still useful. I automatically check the player’s status while evaluating a base. The new feature (if it works) is much appreciated. :heart_eyes:

The new feature shows a discrepancy between the profile view and the “attack” view. How is that at all functional if you need to check both to verify if a person is offline? It’s now the exact same amount of work, but confusing too lol

Closing at request of OP.