New Unicorn Dragon

I have wanted this for a long time :grin::pray: It would be great if the War Dragons artists could create a new unicorn dragon. Maybe I am biased because of my in game name :rofl: I would want her to be a Hunter. And, it should be super colorful. She should look like a unicorn/pegasus and dragon combined, beautiful and perfect…but a beast. There are so many spell possibilities with this combo. It would be :heart_eyes:


With a spell that shoots rainbows, that would be awesome :sunglasses: :rainbow:


Oooooo It could have spells like “unicorn charm” Making towers unwilling to shoot down such a beautiful creature! Or “end of the rainbow” causing gold to fall from the sky damaging towers! Oh the possibilities!!!

im with Ec0ny on this one though lol


Wow you guys are savages. D: xD

Unicorn. Pegasus. Dragon. You can have too much of a good thing.

Also linking this because it seemed relevant, but this is not an encouragement to bump the subject of this kind of stones… :laughing:

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Nope, I am 32. And, there is already a rainbow bunny dragon and an entire season of avatars based on elves/faires. Is a unicorn dragon really that ridiculous? It’s a dragon game… probably a safe bet that we are ALL still young at heart. I like unicorns…so what. In Chinese mythology, there is a creature that is part unicorn and part dragon. I’m not the first to think of this. I like what I like and I am not ashamed of it. Unicorns and dragons are the best magical creatures…why not combine them into one beast? The light and darkness intertwined…just saying…it would be boss.

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Wouldnt a sorcerer be better if it’s a unicorn?

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I want a flying banana slug that shoots green slime


i always imagined flying banana slug dragons to have more of a yellow slime… green works too i suppose.

Yes it does make perfect sense to be a sorcerer, but sorcerers are usually not very strong. I would prefer a hunter because they are :muscle: at high levels. It would be great if it could be a hybrid of Hunter and Warrior…flame attack and fireball attack. Maybe make the fireball tap attack a white spell. Glitter fireballs that stun and damage towers. The flames could be like a rainbow thunderstorm. And some kind of a healing shield spell. That would be perfect.

I did like that Legend movie… :grin:

I always wanted a giant flying tortoise. It could have all the resists and a white fireball for 0 rage (kinda like Fae’s ice shock)…

On a serious and non-sarcastic note, this could be a good idea or a bad one. If it is a dragon in the future please make it a devine because there would be no possible way I’d willing use sigils on it. I know some portion of the playerbase would so… yes… it’s an okay idea. :+1:t2:

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Oh, you are talking about the Qilin/Kirin, this is different. I think of the Qilin as part giraffe, goat, doe with quite little from dragons apart from some scales… Though there are much leonine representation of Kirin… I agree this is way more interesting than western unicorns.

I’d like a Qilin Dragon or other mythical creatures. We have a bunny, a spider, a wolf dragon, foxes and bears, fish- and snake-like dragons… I would love some other fantastic creatures turned into dragons…

(As a side note, I can’t recommend enough that you check Neon Dragonart breathtaking Dragon and creatures galleries. I don’t know if I can put a link to the website, I need to check the guidelines or something since it’s dragon-related but not War Dragons-related…)


Cool! I’ll check it out :grin::+1:

I mean…Dodo :dodo: is a dragon. So never say never. :man_shrugging:


Very pertinent example.

But if I begin talking about creatures that I would like to see dragonified… This will look like a groceries list :joy::joy::joy:

I demand a zucchini dragon.


@UnicornMama This is not a minigame, but we do have a dragon to get as a side quest now, sort of. Ochre. That’s a beginning, and it’s surprisingly close to what we discussed earlier!

Maybe you should look for the game My Little Ponies or something like that :rofl::rofl:

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Isn’t it right that Ochre has a main horn in the middle of the forehead? Does it make it a unicorn? In a very loose sense of the term because Dragons usually have more than one horn…

In another fandom, does it make Charizard Y a unicorn? xD

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