New Upcoming Season


So with the new spring season only a full event away what do you all think the theme might follow? I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts. I’ve seen PGs recent post on social media about the concept art for a new rider with a Chinese/Japanese hertiage.


Japanese mythology?



They hinted at this being the concept art for the rider where as now they are excepting entries for a background and a name. I’m wondering if pg is going to follow this “theme” and stick with maybe a Japanese one? I don’t know, that’s why I made this thread to hear everyone’s ideas on what they think the theme would be or what they like it to be :man_shrugging:t3:


Well tis good promotion :joy::joy:


PG should introduce all dragon, rider branches at the start. No more bait and switch game. Make it fairer and upfront option for players to take informed decisions. Keep your festive a surprise element with later dates. I would also recommend throw some dedicated branch ( like Egg token boost) for reward as speedup timers and eggs or embers.


If it is Japanese mythology. A dragon that looks like a koi fish would be cool


@Arelyna @Crisis

I know this is really pointless to ask but could we please at least get basic info for both spring mythics early on?

everyone can make their end of Season decisions with full transparency and context.

Going off of this statement that was made in the Surt chance topic, if you actually want people to be able to make informed decisions then we need actual info at the start so we know if we want to work on the first mythic or wait for the 2nd. Knowing the class, element and basic idea of the spells would be very helpful


They wouldnt do that of course. They like to keep the suspense on (and keep us hanging) :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: but it would be great to know any info on both mythica at season’s start for sure


maybe y’all should tune into this week’s preview streams to find out. :wink:


Off topic: OMG @Crisis replied to my post :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


:astonished: Both mythic???

:star_struck: That’s new…


When is this weeks stream preview?


Axi’s cousin?


Ooo a sigurd body type dragon that was the traditional chinese dragon concept design or art idk would be cool to me idk why… could even reintroduce the red reborn spell for it but needs a new type of invert or wind wall type spell. Perhaps just an invincibility type shield with strategic 1 shot kill spells that u see all the time anyway was fun daydreaming


I think that could be neat, but TBH, if we’re dreaming then I’d love to see a Southeast Asian inspired theme (not Japan or China specifically). There is a lot of wonderful lore from Thailand and the island nations that’s built around dragons and demons.


See, now you’ve gotten my hopes up that this could actually happen but I feel like this could be a set up for disappointment if it doesnt happen


Please, please, please, make an eastern dragon design. That would be sooo cool.


I don’t get how Japanese and Chinese things are always mixed up. The rider is ObviOUsly Japanese.
But anyways, I do think that the next season will be Japanese themed.


Weds / Thurs / Fri on the normal streaming channels. We’ll be sending out a handy graphic tomorrow morning with all the details!