New Upcoming Season


Don’t say that you’ll stuff multiple spells into one spell slot…


Just a timers branch, I’d spent all my sigils on that lol


You can’t see everything in the game data files


One of the earlier streams (think it was the rider one) said that there’d be a green dragon :heart_eyes:


Hmm… Don’t bet on that @mechengg@OrcaFrost could probably scroll through the data files so fast that it resembles Matrix code and where she can see “everything”! :joy::rofl:


We all know how that line would look… 500 sigils for ×10 3min speed ups


I would love to see a Chinese dragon. Specifically one voiced by Eddie Murphy.


Um we have ankor, dominus, and leviathan… not to mention ryuu :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I want a Mushu dragon. I’d settle for the great stone dragon.


Not to mention that Ryuu’s real name is ChineseDragon02…

Link as proof


From Thai mythology, this is Garuda


This is Naga


From Filipino mythology, this is Bakunawa


From Indonesia, this is dayak

It’s SO different from anything that PG has done before. There is such a rich history of demons, dragons, and black magic.

It would actually work perfectly with a Spring season, since many of these dragons are seen as tricksters.

But, obviously just a dream


Garuda and Naga are existing dragons…:thinking:


Can you spell it out for those of us who dont know what the “normal streaming channels” are. Please :grin:


We can have

  • Crocodile mouthed dragons
  • Clothwrapped dragons
  • Longhaired white transparent dragon
  • Big fang dragon
  • Half-bodied undead dragons
  • a real dragon :smiling_imp:


It means twitch on Wednesday, Facebook on Thursday and YouTube on Friday


Like tengu… loved that dragon


I would love to see a morbidly obese dragon that is op. It would need to look awful, the type of dragon you only bring out for when the stuff that hits the fan, hits the fan. It would remind me of my uncle


We already had a morbidly obese dragon, but he definitely wasn’t op lol


But we have Naga and Garuda :pleading_face: unless PG changes their name again (cough cough Urd)


We have a clothewrapped dragon by the name of Anuba