New Upcoming Season


Not halfwrapped dragons like Anuba. We need more cloth wrapping the dragons.
Also, not a mummy tape / cloth… A big one cloth wrapping the dragon…


Yeah, that’s what I said. Naga and Garuda are existing dragons…


We even have robot dragons…

What I would really like to see is new spells that do completely new things (not a rebadge)

And new towers that do completely new things… Rail gun anyone?


We haven’t got heat-tracking missile…


Laser towers
Blue laser (wind) does damage and ss deactivates you blue spells for xx seconds
Red laser (fire) same thing but ss for red spells
Green laser (earth) ss reduces you attack power for xx seconds
Dark laser (dark) ss makes a hole in the wing, reducing hp
White laser (wind) (no, not a white mage) ss blinds the dragon, making the shots move to a random location (can hit another tower if lucky)


Nah not enough people would spend on that, less useful than an ice flak.

How about disables one blue spell for the rest of the run? Now that would get some sales going…

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As long as it is nothing like the Jul/Caladbolg dragon model … that is a horrible design. It is almost as bad as the Elixis model.

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Im talking about a long boi. Like an eastern version of Jormungandr.


I too would love this!

You’ll just have to tune in and find out. :wink:

Wed @ 3pm PT- Twitch
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I always do :axi::chunk:

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Probably, but where I’m at I need timers more than I need a fancy new dragon.

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If they do this AND they require elemental embers AND said embers’ drop rates are NOT increased, I might just have to blame you.



Agreed. My own personal list does not include new towers, more tower levels, new Divine dragons, repeat riders, and all of the other stuff.

Will see after the patch if the glory bands work out so that I can go to NML and have any chance of scoring an offensive win.

Main game I need elemental embers and timers along with/or major cost reductions for lower level dragons and towers (low 300s)

Everything else is just a distraction as far as I’m concerned. (Yes, I said my own personal needs, so I don’t wanna hear how I’m breaking the game.) :slight_smile:

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