New update glitch

Hopefully they’ll release some equally massive dragons capable of burning down a building that size. Might unbalance the game somewhat though…

LMAO hope so. They said I have to delete the game :weary:

It’s not new. This has happened before a year ago and a few months ago. Probably more often too.

Force restart your game a few times and it should go away. If not try the uninstall/reinstall.

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Aye Aye captain

Fixed it. TYVM.

You don’t even need to force restart. Just close out and load it again.

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It seems like an extremely low priority issue. Closing out and reloading the game fixes it. Maybe get the bugs/glitches (idk) team to work on something that actually affects game play?

Actually kinda fun, getting a BIG surprise like that. A quick restart no worries. But we laughed, maybe PG wanted us to surf the pier like ScoobyDoo and Shaggy lol

That is actually an old glitch that happened a few times on updates.
While im here this game is starting to suck balls. I been here a long time an the chest payouts arte crap and very few. Kinda makes ya give up like Fairyknight did.
U pay an play for nothing. Pvp hasnt even been played for moths. Wtf is going on war dragons? Its turned into a feed anbreed game with no or little chance of getting event drags.
It sux. Do something or lots more will leave.
Sorry bout the tant guys but this sux dogs balls lately.
CV :metal:

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