New update incompatible with ios 11.0.3 on iphone 6+


The ios update to 11.0.3 causes the iphone 6+ to freeze for various periods (20 seconds to 5mn) while playing WD, and ONLY while playing WD.

This freeze is a total lock-out for the entire iphone, where the home button and the power button don’t even work.

Eventually (if you hit the home and/or power) you’ll be returned to the home screen.

Chats seem to be the worse occurence (happening anywhere from instantly to 2mn of reading), but the freeze can happen at any time in any situation (loading attack page, lauching attack, switching from attack list to bookmarks, reading mail, etc.

League chat freezing game issue

It happens occasionally on my galaxy s7 as well. Game locks up to the point i have to do a soft reset


Soft reset or hard reset don’t work – the entire iphone is locked up (no buttons work).



Happens to me too, but not only with 11.0.3.

Started with iOS 11 and never fixed. but contrary to what you say, if you hold home and power button togheter for few seconds your iphone will restart.


Thanks, that did work.

However, having to to do a hard reboot each time is a major pain that shouldn’t have to be.


Agree, happened to me one time during an attack in beta, this mean that I lost all my troops.

It could also happen during a war attack…


For me since a recent update it often hangs at the load screen after a raid. I have to re-open the app.


Any progress as to a fix?


Some things to try just based on observation, since you never know what people have tried, though yours seems a bit different.

  • Don’t have 4G and Wi-Fi running at the same time.
  • iOS has a “Wi-Fi Assist” option; disable this, at least while running War Dragons. The option is in Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Assist (near the bottom after all the apps)
  • For some reason, running a speedtest somehow cleared out someone’s issues. Never run multiple speedtests at the same time :smiley:
  • Forgetting the Wi-Fi network has also worked for a little before.

Usual stuff:

  • Make sure there is storage space left. (Settings > General > iPhone Storage)
  • Close out all other apps in the task switcher.
  • Reinstall the game. It sucks, but it does work sometimes… :see_no_evil:

Game locking up phone

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