New update mess up

New update has cause my dragons to become weaker. I was once able to wipe out lol 70 and though I’m a lvl 62 I now have issues since the update taking care of a lvl 57. My white attacks with equestor are not counting at all. Anyone have any ideas

Lvl doesn’t matter. Some lvl 100s have trash bases and u can wipe them out. However you will not Kill 1 tower on my kill island on my lvl 60 base

As for white thunderbolt, a storm may have been shielding the towers

Building on what Cloak said, checkout the Defense Power of the base.

not just defense power. check the whole base formation.

You can’t just rely on defense power alone. You can take 200M Defense Power base, but it is a long island setup while another 200M Defense Power base with a short island setup can take you out.


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