New update not working?

Hello, I’m trying to log in and it tells me I need to update to 4.10, go to App Store and do that, click open, brings me to dragons and at 51%, tells me I need to update to 4.10, repeat forever.

Nothing like being ready for an event, and at the last minute being forced to do something, which hurts you for the start of it.

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Try an uninstall, then reinstall - assuming you have and know your PocketID info.

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I have this same issue on one device but on my other it says I can’t join teammates cause their on a different version which is not the case

I can’t get in either what do I do?

Hey Everyone,

We are aware of the issue. We believe its an Apple Appstore related issue. If you uninstall and reinstall the app it should resolve the issue.

Had same issue on android lost my gold chest 5 of them and my food packs. Also now not dropping chest still dropping rubies. I have updated uninstalled and reinstalled. Also lost 3.3k in egg tokens.

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