New Update Version 4.71



1 week and i don’t do anything. Just watch my team playing this game. Can’t do attack and open the atlas


This is how they help you


Yes I’ve received the same response for my attacks and atlas problems


Even when i re-install my game, Still can’t do anything.


able to attack… however it’s delayed 10 to 30 seconds on the traveling screen before it pulls up the list of opponents to attack…


Still unable playing this game


Likewise going on about 2 weeks

4 ticket.

I don’t understand why y’all keep closing out my tickets this is the 4th ticket …your issue is still unresolved you would think that you would resolve an issue before you would close the ticket… I’m going to pull a Shawshank Redemption on you and I’m going to keep writing you everyday… until you resolve the issue.






Im having all kinds of issues as well. On a note 5, connection issues with wifi and my data. wifi i have 300 mps come on its not my connection.

Game will load can chat and collect rss, other than that, nothing.

Event will not load now.

Atlas want load and i have elite with several troops to revive, loosing out on atlas event points.

Cant attack, want load, cant back want load.

So frustrating


It isvery frustrating. I’ve been unable to participate in atlas events because I cant farm gold. Lucky I have friends kind enough to send me excess gold now and then. Even the PvP is a hassle to try and do as most attacks won’t load. 4.70 was when it all stopped working and yet radio silence from PG and no a single offer of help to keep us from falling behind. I’m about to seriously consider lodging a complaint with Google Play.


Engineers have been looking into why people have been crashing issues more since the last update. In terms of tickets being closed, if you submit tickets regarding the same issue multiple times, they will get merged into the previous ticket.

Well that’s a new way to spell my name…


Now that this problem has been going on for almost 3 weeks and nothing has been done, nor do they know when they will fix it, you can just kiss this season goodbye.
I still can’t do a regular attack. And we all know there will be no compensation for the weeks of eggs, sigils and every thing else lost. I say make a formal complaint to Google Play.


until when will this problem be resolved? we have waited too long


3 weeks here


At this point I’m feeling pessimistic about the whole thing. They haven’t done anything and the issue is just costing us dearly in the seasons (both regular and Atlas). I doubt they will fix it since it seems to be just a handful of us and none of us probably spend thousands of dollars on this game. Nearly all of my elite account has been wasted with futile attempts at attacking. Lost more than 200 energy trying to get points in the pvp.


That’s what I figured that since we’re not $1,000 a month paying account and there’s only a handful of us that it’s probably affected … they aren’t going to do nothing about it…I’ve wrote up 5 tickets …they closed 4 of them … the issue still isnt resolved…

What sucks is I’ve actually earned my character at level 65… I’m higher than most 150 - 250s level.


Still the same issues unresolved. I had to update game because my purchase packs only showed starter packs and no atlas elite, and the bugs began again.
So no purchases for me til this is fixed.


Yep i had the same packs, restarted game a few times with no luck. I refuse to install and reinstall again. ugh so over it, just want some smooth game play


I too cant attack, defend, etc. This has gone on long enough. It doesnt take this long to resolve an issue. I am lodging a formal complaint with google play store as pg basically stole the money i spent on my elite account. They will be sorry our issues were ignored. There are checks and balances in place and pg will have to pay for not fixing this. Once the money starts coming out of their pocket you will see just quickly an issue can be addressed. Get it done. Im off to the play store now.


We’ve all been feeling less optimistic about this game. Nothing is ever resolved. Just they “told the team and they are aware” “they’re looking into it” blah blah blah.
It’s just so sad as we all have met wonderful people and did enjoy playing this game a year or so ago but now it’s turned into disappoint and frustration. How many times have you’ve thrown your phone across the room? I know I have.
The point of playing a game like this is to have FUN! I feel like this is no longer happening. Shame on PG. It’s been a month now, nothing has been fixed. And people are saying something, even Red is irritated with them and pulled her WDGeek sight and breeding paths. That just goes to show.
All I know is if they do come up with another up date I’m scared. It’s a dread. Will they fix anything or how bad with this f’d up the game even more? Maybe it’s time to move on to a better game… I know I don’t want to, but enough is enough