New update zooms out

Is there a way to turn off the way it zooms out after every mine hit or everytime you enter atlas? This is kinda of annoying to me.


It is highly irritating.

Will be fixed in Versioni 4.00

Removed “Saved Camera state” to prevent an issue where the UI would appear, but the map would be blacked out. This issue should be fully fixed in Version 4.00.

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Oh crap dang. Thanks for that I usually look at the update notes forgot on this one.

When can we expect 4.0 this really sucks being constantly zoomed out

January, I’m afraid. Trying to see if we can do a release sooner, though the app store closes for the holidays soon which restricts our ability to get something out as quickly as we’d like I’m afraid :(.

FWIW: as annoying as it is, a ton of the guys on my team have stopped getting the black screen.

A handful have also reported their android device no longer heats up to crazy temperatures.

Lots still have issues (quite a few have the game crash after about 3 battles).

But I am more than happy to suffer this mild (but very annoying) set of issues temporarily in order to fix the game for many.

Yeah, the black screen was patched – glad to here they are seeing it is fixed too. (The black screen patch directly caused the new camera issue, and we already have a complete fix ready … but it was too risky to ship in the app update you all received, I’m afraid). These patches have been moved up to 3.92 however (still January, but sooner!).

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