New upgraded incubator


we should be able to upgrade our incubator to give us the ability to incubate two dragons at a time . 1-200 one 201-300 two 301 and above three this could be an awesome upgrade .

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I like it. Even if you could buy a second slot with rubies and it work like the forge



anything for upgrade. just make it easier to incubate two at least or three if your big

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I like the idea but pg will never go for it since it saves you timers and if the point of the suggestion to save timers I would just rather have all dragons incubation cut in half or even more.



Or just have all lineage dragons hatch as quickly as divines. There’s no reason a dragon should take more than 24 hours to hatch. There are plenty of other timer sinks in the game…



Heal? :eyes:
With such great 300 wall, it shouldn’t exists…



I currenty don’t have an issue with heal pots as I am at over 1,800 of them… but yeah, I remember when I didn’t have enough. I start having panic attacks about running out if I near 1k of them… and I’m constantly forging heals :sweat_smile:

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for once pg should give us a break i have five eggs waiting to incubate and not spending 36 days.



Pg just wants you to waste/use more timers



I would straightly go and ask for more time reduction to save the speed up then use it on whatever I want like speeding up hatching process for example
because at my level point right now or since level 150+, my incubator doesnt work at all. I have to speed up dragon as soon as I bred them and level up so they would be ready for next breeding event



we keep wasting our money on a game where the player is not appreciated

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I have three eggs I don’t even want to hatch… Collateral backbreeds I neither need nor want to deal with. :man_shrugging:

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Agree 100% incubating shouldnt take soooo long. Or Red has a suggestion before that upgraded incubators should have less days incubating a dragon. Anything just to make incubation faster :laughing:

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some take 30 days



This. The intense egg token grind is long enough a wait. It’s just there to burn timers :unamused:



pg should give us a chance to lower time for hatching. or. upgrade it like other games like dragon city.

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they want our money. thqts all



I believe they will consider this , well look guys :
1 breeding walls are down
2 300 wall is down
3 prizes in seasonal branches will have more usable rss instead of fire/ice shards

@Arelyna will definitely share this suggestion to the team



Incubating multiple dragons would make sense as an upgrade, and would make it easier to get rid of the unhatched pile of dragons I don’t need for my path.

However it would mean a whole new interface for managing hatching slots, which seems like a lot of work for this. You could get pretty much the same effect by simply reducing the hatching time for dragons, which would take no coding at all. Or if you want to keep it level-based, have a higher level incubator give a higher % discount on hatching cost.

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+1 to this