New WAR Event Idea

I would like to see an event based on the mechanics of War.
Each 3 hour round 2 teams from same league would be matched up
First team to 250 flames gets points and the war resets
Rinse/repeat until end of round
New matchup next round
I would recommend no team be matched up vs the same team twice and each team be matched up against every team in league by end of event

Not quite sure how the indivdual points mechanics would work. I think it would be a Lot of fun pounding on one another for a few days without interuption and using mechanics we all know sans all the belly ache’n about defense (topic for another post).

Im starting to think its clear that war needs a new look and feel. PG should start looking into everyones ideas.

This sounds like weird take on skirmish. Not sure how first to 250 would work with time zones…


First 250 flames is not nice , it depends on many factors . So that’s impossible and will be biased to one team .

three hours isn’t enough time given that sometimes 24 isn’t

Yeah the time zones are a real pain in your suggestion. Also this is basically tug of war with 2 teams and shorter rounds

Isn’t this like Team Gauntlet, except it (a) doesn’t work for non-full teams, (b) it lacks the sorting mechanism that keeps similarly ranked teams competing against each other, and (c ) there’s also no PVE element, so you can only make one attack every 3 hours? Those are all good features of TG.

I don’t want this because:

  • Timezones will cause disorder and problems between wars

  • 3h is way to short for Plat and under teams to achieve 250 flames.

  • PG can’t make good PvP events.

  • Think about how glitches like Airplane mode could affect this (Airplane is fixed apparently in a recent update but glitches in general)

  • War Events have been discussed before in a “sport tournament,” post here : Suggestion: War brackets
    This proposal would be better but still won’t happen at least not in the near future.

  • Individual Points will be a fight just like the MVP (currently has NO reward)

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