So I have found a new what I call issue…if you now have a tie in a war,same flames and same attempts at end of war,team with lower rating points will win strong text

That doesn’t seem like that much of a problem, if you perfectly execute all your war runs, get the maximum amount of points in the lowest amount of tries AND you’re still weaker than the enemy team I think you deserve to win 0-0


Hey remember that your next war …

what, do you want the stronger team to win? ,-,

No,its a program,not a feeling based decision…if that’s the rules it should state such…if we tie in the Olympic we dont just give it to 3rd place lmao

The lower team performed better, in comparison.

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That’s not new? Always been that way when there’s a complete tie. It can feel a bit weird but it makes sense when you think about it. When two teams tie, the game makes their ratings closer to each other so higher team goes down and lower team goes up. The change is smaller than if there was a win/loss though

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I’ve seen draws a couple times before.

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It should just be cancelled in the event of a draw IMO.


The other thing is that generally wars are declared on teams that are weaker than you, aka the ones you believe you have a good chance of beating. It would also therefore make sense that the weaker, defending team won in the event of a perfect tie, since wars do favour the attacker.

Or give both teams the tiny token reward :stuck_out_tongue:


We lost 19 rating points and it is affecting our moving tiers…should not get a deduction

Well I guess you should’ve won the war then :man_shrugging:


I thought the new war structure made it significantly more difficult to draw, I suppose unless both teams get 350 points but even then to do so in the same number of attempts…

Maybe they should add a differentiator of average percentage of enemy base defeated with primary dragon. Surely they couldn’t have a draw then.

To be fair, current system is no worse than a coin toss to decide the winner.

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The old structure, in the case of a tie, the declarer lost I thought? It wasn’t based on rating iirc…

Edit: Makes sense to me if this is still the case. If you challenge someone and don’t BEAT them, only tie, then you should lose.

Yeah, with the new war design, ties should be rarer than ever - equal flames WITH equal attempts should be extremely rare.

…and if that happens, I totally agree that the declaring team should come out worse - they picked a fight they couldn’t win.


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