New war systems and types

I suggest changing war system from a 24 hours to

  1. War can be declared every 12 hours and end in 12 hours.
  2. war that is a 3 round 6 hour per round best results out of 3 wins the war.
    Maybe you could even choose what kind of war u want to declare .

Not many wars go on anymore plus dont matter folks who declare pick easy targets just to advance and get pushed back down


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What is a War :thinking:


Somehow people keep forgetting that this is a GLOBAL game. 12 hours just isn’t realistic for wars.


I actually fell for that :joy:

Yep that leaves very little time for wars, especially if all members of enemy team form a successful wave.

What kinds of war? I don’t get it. Before my team was defending, suddenly now we can change to attacking, that doesn’t make sense.

True that 12 hours is not very long for every time zone so you won’t be available for the maximum time of 10 hours sleep time u will still have time for a hit in the beginning of a hit or the end of the hit also if the 3 round war is the case if u miss one war you will still have 2 more rounds to get it right

And this little thing called work? Family? Small children? Pets?

This game is enough of a job. Your suggestion would make it more so.


Oh u mean life outside of of WD who has time for that :wink:

I’m not a fan of this as it will force people to wake up outside of their time zones. You encourage teams to find others with mostly time zones that are asleep when you are active.

Even if we say I can check before or after I sleep, that means I have to make time every day to log onto a game rather than just in case rather than winding down for the night or getting ready for work

Same with this. If this is declared when I am asleep and have work I potentially miss 2 or even 3 rounds.

War could use a shake up but I’m not sure times are where it needs to be hit

Hardcore war, cold war, world war, war on taxes, peaceful war, the card game war, staring war…

Need more?

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Sure why not? Let’s see your creativity :grin::grin:

Ok so I got mostly no for my suggestion on changing the length of the round.
I have another suggestion about war.
How about we change how war is won like like in pvp each player is worth from 75 to 125 points each player can hit any other players so if all players hit the highest base will gain the most points.

Umm how about a crisp “OH HELL NAW”? Does that work?

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I see this and all I see is, “How about we encourage more sandbagging?”

How would you address big players backing little players on the biggest base? Do they get the full points (much like the OLD system for wars), or is there a penalty for not getting X percentage? Would that % be enough of a penalty to avoid teams winning because of a single strong backer?

You can solve that problem when a player will have to do at least 70% to get any points

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