New way to get chest maybe?

So I haven’t seen this thread but can we get a new way to get chest I know we have that one way but I think that’s mainly just xp potions. What if you guys re worked missions to give 1-5 bronze chest I don’t think this could hurt everyone and could be a fun twist as a lot of people spend hours chest hunting and this could be a good change

Bronze chests do show up occasionally as I recall. Haven’t done one of those missions in months. Was pretty active for a while, and then just stopped one day. Decided I had enough xp potions, mainly because I have a lifetime supply XP boosts from Drac chests.

I still get bronze chest dragon missions. It is one bronze chest for 12 hours sending out 5-6 dragons. That is very low compared to how many you get just attacking, so I just trash all but the platinum and gold chest missions.

I wouldn’t mind other ways to get bronze chests, but it would need to be at a significantly better rate than 1 per 12 hours.


I also trash bronze chests - and food and 6.5mm xp potions.

Half the time I can’t even do the gold or platinum chest missions :frowning:

We do get bronze chests and I trash them, they’re not worth 12hrs time. I trash everything except 2hr quests, gold and plat chests (If I have the dragon)

I do like having the missions for both this season’s and last season’s dragons. I feel like Im seeing a lot more gold chests and makes it worth claiming the egg for everything (except the other mythic)


Yep doing pretty much exactly the same.


Me I don’t know but I receive always gold and rubies aslong as silver chests from my run.
I think you just do run always and attack higher lvl.