New way to transfer resources

Right now it takes 20 minutes to transfer resources to a teammate. What if it was able to be split for example: You can transfer 400,000 resources in 20 minutes. What if you could chose between 20 and 10 minutes but with 10 minutes you were only able to transfer half of your transfer amount so in this case 200,000.

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I mostly join game, to send rss to bank or stuff like that, and then log off. After 20 minutes I loged in again. Why should I send 200k ressources, what would u have if it takes 10 minutes with for example 200k?

It would be a better idea, if they would adjust the amount of rss based on levels. Amount is same if u level 450 or 600.


I’m talking mainly for Breeding and Fortification because some people need resources quickly and do not have 20 minutes to wait and they would be unable to log in in 20 minutes.

Maybe it’s not common anymore, but they could hmm… hit other players and get those rss?


This is why the bank stays full; when none of us have the patience to wait for a transfer :joy: