New winterseason dragon

i had this idea for a new winterdragon. I imagi him white with a little blue touch and black feeds. What do you rhonk about this dragob as the new hunter?


Saber tooth dragon!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Looks awesome, but looks like a warrior to me! :]

Warrior, hunter they are fine but nobody can say that that is a wizzard;D

Awesome for a hunter or warrior. Nice work!

Looks more like a hunter to me. I’ve noticed that hunters tend to have “wyvern” builds (wings + only 2 legs) while warriors tend to have the more traditional western dragon build (wings + 4 legs). Very cool design though :blush:

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It does look very nice.

However, the winter season dragons have already been sketched and designed (at the least, the hunter has been).

gostei muito bonito para um guerreiro

Nice work! That looks epic…

I like it, but partial to dragon claws as opposed to bear like paws, or horses hooves or other. More of a Dragon or Wyvern purist don’t care much for the other designs.

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Awesome work! Looks like a hunter version of Algor but Sabretooth/Polar bear inspired. :+1::muscle::heart_eyes::muscle::+1: What were your ideas for spellset?

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I was thinking about something like cristalline shield and resistance against icetowers or another freezing spell

Really love your artwork

good job!! What spells would you choose?

Looks more like a hunter dragon in my opinion. Great art work.:+1::+1:

Nocturnal fissure, malefic breath, ballista resist and gloom chain :joy:


Love him… especially if he’s a warrior :grinning:. Would be great to have a good shield for one of his spells

Awesome!! We have too many hunters keep him/her a warrior

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that would be great :joy::joy::rofl:

you can never have too many hunters… whereas 1 sorc or warrior is already too many lol