New Year's Gift from PG

So according to these, we should have received something, but I did not. Anyone else having this problem? If not, what was the gift exactly? o: Maybe they did not send them out yet.


it’s been like 28 minutes.

it should be on your end by at least 1 hour later at most?

Happens everytime, they post about something that will be sent out and minutes later you have people complaining “I don’t have mine yet, where is it, why am I having this problem? I want it now because Im impatient”

Seriously just wait. Stuff is always sent out in batches, you’re not going to get it immediately :unamused: :roll_eyes:


Our system rolls things out over a short period of time. If you don’t have it after an hour, please let us know.


It has been more than an hour and I still haven’t gotten it

same here, system still in holidays? :wink:

Rollouts of gifts take time. Be patient.

Or if you’d rather not, make a support ticket.

By the way, there’s a guy advertising his WD hack for sale in the comments on this Facebook post


No gift here either

My team still hasn’t gotten anything

Aaah, the anticipation…The longer, the merrier!

Hoping they start the year off with a gift that rewards the players who are still here, and not just another disappointment. Curious if this roadmap player initiative thing will be any less disappointing. The previous update seemed to be rather useless because Ian till have 1 min timers coming out of my monuments.

So do I, but only in Atlas, and that’s exactly how it should work.
In main game those only drop from ships and other small destructibles.

No one on our team has gotten anything


I’m checking with the team now. Today is an office holiday but I’ll track someone down.


No gift for our team either.

Can you elaborate further? Have you noticed a change in drops? If so has there been 1d-2d :timergold: dropped and what did it drop from?

Is this exclusive to a few, only during events or does it happen every day and to all players?

No gift here either.
And monuments are dropping useful timers now? I’m only seeing 1 min timers…

You asked so I am letting you know…all I had was the fortification event prize

Havent received anything yet too :man_shrugging:t2: