New years resolution

Hi forum.

Was just wondering what your new years resolution are.

Me I have a couple that i think are achievable.

  1. Hit harbinger.
  2. See the next new year.

I live a simple life.

What do you have?

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ain’t dead yet, I think I’d like to keep that up

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Learn how to hau and then quit the game


Good luck. I’ve tried and stil can’t fly that bloody dragon well.

can I practice on you then :eyes:

Sure you can always happy to help.

Fly and Lear.3

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Finish emp before the year ends lmao … maybe.

Not playing WDs.

Feels like deja vu, like I JUST typed this in another thread somewhere :thinking::neutral_face:


Not having a resolution

To continue to resist the urge to fly despite a Winter storm raging outside. Need more indoor projects I guess.

Happy New Year to you all (Lunar in another month or so).



Dethrone Dreadnought (J/K)

No, but seriously, I plan to reach level 4,000 and hatch Unobtanium Tier dragons

Like this one:


You’re never going to quit… :rofl:


  1. Don’t get kicked off my team
  2. Lead a revolt against the stupid people in the game! I think it’d be fun.
  3. Watch forums burn.

Come back flak… maybe login once a week… see the fun or maybe the last twitches of a dying legacy😂

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Are you sure, it might come faster than expected 😉

Offset your crumble and kill perch or sand perch and end shift early. Or just stutter instead of reversing island 3. Ammo + sand + blink, a few times will deal with the earth flak. That setup should be ok to 100%, with a vampiric equip.

And once you’re done with that, 4 more mage positions on 3 to master, all the long islands, and island 6 to master.What comes faster than expected?

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I’m quitting of course. I said learn to fly hau not master her in every possible ways

Ohh pff that’s easy.

flies hau on MsMersy


Might might, why didn’t I think of that😆.
Goodbye, drop mic :studio_microphone:

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