New Youtube Channel

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is well and y’all had a good start into the week!

I recently made a YouTube channel, and wanted to share that with you :blush:

It’s not much and I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with it, for now I will just fly all the dragons I have as a demonstration. I will add a new tier every week until I’m caught up with my current tier and then take it from there.

I however, do NOT claim to be the best flyer out there, especially the lower tier dragons. I’m just doing it for shits and giggles :sweat_smile:

If you want to check it out here’s the link:

I’m always open to suggestions or requests :eyes:

Thank you and have a good week!


Just watched a few during my stream, posted your link there as well.

Maybe make a playlist so it is easier to watch through the videos and not have to back out and choose the next video each time…

I like that they are short and easy to watch…love the music!!


Hey Peter, thank you for checking it out and for sharing! Much appreciated!

I actually made playlists, I sorted them by tier. They should show up on the playlist tab? They do for me. I will add the green tier this week.

Welcome to the YouTube

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Thank you very much!

Awesome! Good luck!

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Thank you!

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I like this idea, it’s great and especially useful to newer players so they can check out all the dragons before getting them (if they want to). Ingame spell descriptions and neon might not always suffice in explaining what a dragon does so having sort of a video-encyclopedia of all lineage dragons is a nice supplement. Keep it up


subbed, good luck!

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Thank you so much for your kind comment!

That was kinda sorta the idea behind it all, I wish I had something like that when starting to play.
I hope it’s enough for new players to check them out, I could’ve used some spells better tbh.

But then again I don’t fly the lower tiers too often :sweat_smile:


Thank you MarVelous! Much appreciated!

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Subscribed :handshake:

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Thank you so much for your support! :blush:

Keep up with this. We mainly see end game mythics being flown. I know when I started I had no clue how to fly early tiered dragons and the class differences.

Maybe at some point dedicate a video to explain all the classes. Blue/red/white spells, runes/glyphs etc. I guarantee there are a large group of players who still don’t fully understand how to unlock a dragon dragons full potential.


Thanks @Vae for posting the videos.

When I was first starting out, I learned how to fly the lower tier dragons by googling Beating Temple Guardians. Lots of great videos out there. Plus, I learned a lot about flying hunters and they taught me which dragons I needed to breed in each tier (outside of Red’s cheapest).

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Thank you so much for the suggestion, this is an awesome idea!

Sounds like something I could get into and make some in depth videos about the tiers and spells. Not too experienced with Runes and Glyphs myself, I’ve only been playing for a few months now :sweat_smile:.
But I’m learning something new everyday and I’m sure my teammates and the forum will teach me what I need to know. I’m definitely motivated to keep going!

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Thank you for your comment and support @DonAtFive! It’s much appreciated :hugs:

I saw some of these videos too, but I always thought there wasn’t enough content about lower tiers out there. Glad my teammate pushed me to do it. I really hope this will help newer players and thanks to MarVelous69s idea I have new content already in planning :blush:

I just love how helpful and supportive this community is!